TikTok developed by ByteDance which allows its users to share short videos with Fiji Email List music, has grown steadily since its release in 2016. So much so that in recent months the app has been downloaded more than a year ago. billion times on smartphone app stores.

Due to its success, the application has made people envious and former competitors such as Vine with Byte have failed to perform well.

Youtube Wants To Compete With Tiktok With Its Shorts Project

It is now YouTube’s turn to compete with the Chinese application on its ground by developing the Shorts application . This functionality will be directly integrated into the YouTube application, which has been present for a few years now, and it will integrate the same functionalities as TikTok . It will thus make it possible to record short videos (of 15 seconds maximum), and to share them with the licensed music available on YouTube Music.

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The American firm has not yet communicated on the official release of its project . However, according to some assumptions, this feature should see the light of day before the end of 2020. To be continued …

Youtube Wants Competitor Tiktok In The App Market. Source: Lesnumériques

The Silicon Valley firm has the advantage of having more than 2 billion active subscribers each month . This gives it a certain audience to ensure a launch on a good basis. This would allow known youtubers to offer short video formats, in addition to those with a classic format published on their YouTube channel. They will then have the advantage of not using multiple content creation platforms.

Nevertheless, opinions on social networks remain mixed regarding the release of this feature because according to the general opinion, TikTok is quite well implemented in its offer and the demand could not be the same, depending on the platform.

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