YouTube Kids: a safer online experience for children Discovery and entertainment for children. Youtube Kids are shows, music videos, tutorials to learn how to make a miniature volcano, slime, or anything else! YouTube Indian Email List was created so that children can discover the world easily and differently through online videos, completely secure. How? ‘Or’ What ? The social network has implemented a comprehensive set of parental control features to tailor the experience to the needs of each family.

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Youtube Kids Guarantees A Safer Online Experience For Children

Concretely, the social network relies on filters, user comments and moderator reports to offer videos suitable for a family audience in YouTube Kids. However, no system is perfect, and inappropriate videos may be offered for broadcast. To alleviate rare system failures, YouTube is constantly striving to improve its safeguards, also offering several features that help create the perfect experience for every family.

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Here are the different control systems available to you, offered by YouTube Kids: Content validation : You can control what your kids watch and choose which videos, channels, and collections they can access. Child Profile : Up to eight child profiles can be created, each with their own viewing preferences, video recommendations, and settings.

Advertising on YouTube Kids

In order to provide you with a free experience, the YouTube Kids app offers videos with authorized ads subject to restrictions. Before watching your YouTube video, you will see a bumper appear, followed by a video ad, marked “Ad”. These videos are paid advertisements.

You should know that the content uploaded by users to their channels are not considered paid ads. For example, if you search for the term “trains,” you might find a TV commercial for an electric train uploaded by a user or a toy manufacturer, but that video will not be a paid advertisement. Likewise, if you search for the term “chocolate,” your results may include a user uploaded chocolate caramel recipe video, although paid advertising is not allowed for chocolate makers.


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