End of the year (or beginning, for that matter): the moment of forecasts and budgets by department. More than a chestnut tree, it is a mandatory step to Uganda Email List consider 2018 . And at this stage also comes the question: how much to allocate to digital marketing? 5k €? 20k €? 100k €? So you can do very well on the spur of the moment and hope that the money spent will help you achieve your goals. Or if not, you can ask yourself the right questions and understand how (and especially why) you should assess the investment to be planned.

You will understand that a good SEO strategy cannot be improvised. It is not always easy to navigate, follow the latest trends and apply them. You may lack skills or human resources. How about calling on the professionals? To choose your digital marketing agency, do not hesitate to consult our white paper on this subject.

Digital Or Not? How To Choose ?

“I already do advertising displays, I have more money to go to Facebook”. “My salespeople are used to looking for customers in real life, it works quite like that”. Does it remind you of a situation or someone? Allocating a budget to digital marketing may seem risky for some, especially if it represents a change in habits. And yet, we know that 74% of French people use the Internet every day (source CREDOC 2016 ) and 84% of those under 40 are on social networks .

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social media figures france The question is no longer whether to invest in digital, but rather how: the acquisition of qualified prospects or customers can (and must) come from the web as well. t this stage, it is therefore rather logical to ask what is the share of prospects or customers to come thanks to digital. Indeed, we must consider in a cumulative way the digital and non-digital actions. Seminars, trade fairs, influence networks, associations… As many sources for non-digital prospecting that it is necessary to work!

Know The Amounts And Services To Be Allocated

Once the budget is established, it makes sense to ask yourself what to invest it in. If we usually know how to invest in a website (from € 1,500 to € 100,000, depending on the functionality and complexity), many companies then wait patiently for customers to fall from the site.

And yet, an effective and successful presence on the Internet will necessarily require a recurring budget in the animation of platforms and the creation of content : animation of social networks, referencing, feeding a blog, emailing, etc. These actions are there to bring your spaces (site, blog, social networks) to life and to be a source of business for your company . You can then obviously dedicate this budget internally or call on a digital marketing agency in Reunion Island. We have written an article on this issue , to give you some food for thought.

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