Figures published by Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List circulating all over the web as in this article in the Journal du Net . e-commerce-figures-fevad-2019 france Complete guides Comprehensive guides are similar to the lists we discussed earlier. The big difference is that with a comprehensive guide, you’re not just giving an exhaustive list of tips or examples. Instead, you cover all aspects of a given topic. The main goal is to give someone everything they need to know about a topic in one page. This is what we did in particular through our guide on Amazon SEO which covers everything that is necessary to put in place to .

optimize your product sheets as much as possible for a good SEO on the world’s leading e-commerce. Visual content Visual content like infographics is the perfect format for getting backlinks. This was the case for us, because two of our infographics on Amazon SEO and the SERPs of the future were taken up by the excellent Olivier Andrieu from in this article and this one . The basics of on-page SEO The goal of on-page optimization in SEO is to ensure that Google finds your web pages so that it can display them in its search results.

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It also means having relevant, detailed, and useful content for the search phrases you want to appear on. seo-on-page agency 90 In short, Google scans your page in order to position it in its index on a specific keyword or search phrase. And when Google sees the same term over and over, it’s like, “This page must be about that keyword!” “. This is why it is important to use your target keyword on your page… without going too far (more on this later). For now, let’s take a look at how to optimize SEO through on-page SEO. elements-seo-on-page agency 90.


Install Yoast If your site is running on WordPress, we strongly recommend that you use the Yoast SEO plugin . Please note, Yoast is not a magic extension that will automatically optimize your site (in fact there is none). But Yoast makes it easy to configure your page elements like title and meta description tag . yoast-example-title-and-description seo It also has a ton of other features to help optimize your site as a whole. yoast-general-seo-settings Place your main keyword in the title tag Incorporating the keyword you want to be visible on in the title tag of the page is the most important rule in on-page SEO.

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And even in SEO itself. Why is this important? When it comes to optimizing your page’s SEO, your title tag is one of the first things search engine spiders will analyze. relationship-title-page-position-google seo Tell yourself that your title tag summarizes the content of your page. And when you use your keyword in your title tag, it tells Google that your page is about that keyword. Optimize your meta description for more clicks Your meta description is not as important as your title tag for SEO. Google even declared in 2009 that it does not take into consideration the keywords contained within the meta description as a positioning factor.

So why should you go to the trouble of creating and optimizing your meta description? Because people read your meta description to determine whether or not to click on your result. Let’s analyze together this meta description on an important page of our site that is the page presenting our SEO agency in Paris . meta-description-seo-agency paris Through this meta description, we clearly highlight the advantages of collaborating with a SEO agency, which will have the effect of attracting clicks more easily. Also be sure to add the main keyword on which you want to position your page, here .

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