A loyal trainee is the goal of any training manager, right? In fact, it is always easier to collaborate, to work with the current ones (the convinced, the Macau Email List , the addicts) than to spend your time trying to find new ones. In addition, we often tend to list tips and tricks, good practices to retain interns, and it is sometimes complicated to ask the question, in the opposite direction. Let me explain ! Honestly – be honest! 😉 – have you ever wondered what you shouldn’t do to lose your interns (forever)? No panic, we have just decided to reveal here the 5 mistakes not to make!

In summary, it can be interesting to install the Google Analytics plug-in on your site, and in this way, to follow the activity of your site more closely. Once installed, you add the page to the bookmarks bar, on your PC and every 3 days (on average) you will take a look at it. Take a few minutes to analyze the results and draw the necessary conclusions.

Forget The Participants

The problem ? The very classic scenario is that at the end of the training you don’t really hear any more (and something tells me that you are often faced with this situation). And this is what will most certainly happen 🙂 Once the effervescence of the week / month of training has passed, the coffee / croissant meeting in the morning, your trainees will return to their daily lives. It is true that they could take the time to send you an email, tell you how fulfilled they are and that they put into practice all the precious advice discussed in training, but they will not …

Macau Email List

What to do ? There are some very simple and very effective ways to stay in touch with them. In previous articles, we have already explained the advantages of a regular newsletter (To refresh your ideas, it’s here: 4 / Keep in touch ). A fast and sober process to regularly arrive in the email inbox of your trainees. Because no longer being there means letting other organizations try to find their way there …

Cover Your Ears

The problem ? In the customer loyalty checklist, we told you about the feelings after the service, and therefore a risk potentially incurred: disappointing your trainee. If you fail to see his disappointment, no doubt he will never come back to you! And you would risk falling from the top, learning that one of your trainees very little appreciated the last intervention of your trainer, that it lacked structure and substance, right? In other words, that you do not learn it from the trainee himself, but from a third person (worse).

What to do ? So practice active listening and don’t let a bad experience spoil your intern’s learning. Remember that the questionnaire is a perfect tool – and moreover now compulsory – to overcome this type of inconvenience. According to a 2011 OTO Research & Digimind study , when searching for a brand on Google, a third of the first responses obtained are content from consumers. It is therefore essential to anticipate criticisms – in order to better counter them – and to control what can be said about you and your training organization.

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