Every month, 88% of users reside outside the United States. Each person spends an average of half an hour a day on the platform. 81% of people use Instagram to search for products or services. There seem to be enough reasons. To take on the challenge of using Instagram Business as a secure platform for conversion, arrival of leads and increase in your sales. Instagram (IG) has become the preferred digital platform for people and of course for companies. It is today a digital showcase that often allows us to walk through different markets. Even outside our territorial limits, and it is Who hasn’t walked through the profiles of multinational stores. On this social network? Being on Instagram is essential, nowadays, for any brand, it no longer happens like.

Join the marketers who receive our valuable content first here. And it is that Instagram stopped being only a personal platform to become a commercial ally, today there are business profiles and endless possibilities for your brand. Instagram is a social network and a mobile application at the same time, which allows its users to upload images and Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers videos with multiple photographic effects such as filters, frames, colors, among other things, to later share those images on the same platform or on other networks social. It sounds simple and with this Superpost it can be. In our desire to bring people closer to tools to dominate the digital world, whether they are entrepreneurs or marketing professionals, we have compiled strategies, tips and everything you may need to sell more using Instagram.

Instagram for Business

In this Super post we will tell you everything you need to know so that your Instagram account goes to the next level and is as versatile as it is effective. infographic instagram data Why use Instagram for business? Data, Statistics, Instagram User Profile Why use Instagram for business? One of the most compelling reasons why your company should be on Instagram (IG) is because people enjoy graphic and audiovisual content and it is on this network where the largest number of images and videos are shared. That your company is present in IG increases awareness (awareness) , an indicator within your marketing strategy, which consists of people easily remembering and recognizing your brand.

According to official IG statistics, 90% of the people who are in this network follow a company. 2 out of 3 people surveyed by Instagram say that this platform allows them to interact with brands. And 50% of people are more interested in a brand when they see their ads on Instagram. Switching to a company profile will allow us to discover the news that Instagram is adding, sometimes very quickly. To corporate accounts and will offer us information about the audience and posts and how to manage our content. One of the arguments that Instagram highlights on its official website , so that you decide on a company profile. Refers to the fact that during the pandemic there were many businesses that decided to switch to digital commerce. However at that time it was done without knowing either where they wanted to go or what to expect from these strategies.

One Billion People Use Instagram

More than two years after the pandemic as we know it arrived, the market began to stabilize and Instagram offers more and more diversity of tools so that companies can boost their sales by using this platform. Visually attractive. In all effective landing pages, the visual is a crucial aspect. For this reason, it is necessary to include an image or video that shows the visitor the product or service in use. The objective is very emotional, since it seeks to create a bond of empathy with the potential client and that he mentally sees himself using the product/service. In the case of ebooks, a graphic reference to a book is usually included. But for more complex products, it is best to use the power of video. 4. Eliminate all distractions.

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