3 tips to ensure the quality of your future white paper
This part was written by Jérôme Delacroix , with whom we wrote many white papers. In this regard, we should remember that our customer Nauru Email List are available online. Our many years of writing white papers have instilled in us one certainty: the white paper is a key part of a content marketing. In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and …

( branded content ) andB2B. In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … . The download and reading rates of our works (eg: more than 30,000 views for Social CRM, towards enhanced customer relations ) and the informal echoes that we can receive, confirm this certainty. In this post, we’ll take a step back and ask ourselves what makes a white paper so good.

Tip # 1: The White Paper, Real Stories

Our white papers are all based on feedback from professionals (a minimum of ten). That’s what makes them come alive. The contributors we meet in companies like to tell their professional stories. sample white paper with practical testimonials from experts. Example of a white paper with practical testimonials from experts produced for iBexa (formerly eZ Systems) with an initiatory approach around the implementation of CMS ( Content Management Systems ). It is also an augmented white paper supplemented with podcasts and online interviews.

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This pleasure they have in bearing witness to their projects and their analyzes is felt and touches the reader. It is communicative because, on the other hand, the recipients of the white paper (that is to say, ultimately , the book’s marketing targets) like to read stories. Readers project themselves into the testimonials they read, find themselves in the contributors’ questions and the answers they have found, and draw their own lessons from them. What’s more normal ? We all love to read stories.

Tip 2: The White Paper, An Educational Approach

A white paper should allow a reader to make a decision: can this technology be of service to me, in my particular context? How do I approach this or that aspect of the governance of my company? This is why we recommend that a white paper seeks to give a 360 ° view of an issue. The work must be “problematized” [Editor’s note: barbarism intended to fill a void in the French vocabulary, meaning that the subject is scripted in the form of a problem and in relation to its solution].

It should not obscure the limits or the pitfalls if they exist. The company will not look for a way to sell its technology or its know-how at full speed, but will use the white paper to establish a relationship of trust with its prospects., and even more broadly, its audience, through a discourse of truth. Tomorrow, the sales will come as a reward for this useful work to those who read it.

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