However, not any business strategy works. To achieve success it is necessary to strike a balance between the economic, the social and the environmental. Sustainable marketing is the key to achieving that balance. Sustainability seeks to satisfy our present needs, without harming the environment or society. The impact of business activities must not harm the resources that future generations will rely on. For this reason, at Mglobal we are committed to a Reasonable Marketing strategy that allows us to carry out our activity efficiently with the environment that surrounds us. Why Sustainable Marketing? table of contents [ hide ] 1 Why Sustainable Marketing? 1.1 What can your company achieve through sustainable marketing? 2 How to apply Sustainable Marketing? 2.1 First steps 2.2.

However, out a sustainable marketing strategy 3 Sustainable marketing: more than a business strategy 3.1 The importance of communicating and transmitting Lebanon Phone Number Every company needs stability in order to grow. Without balance, progress is not possible. However, this reason, more and more companies are drawing up their own sustainable marketing strategy. The future belongs to innovative companies that foster sustainability , inclusiveness and resilience. Just as there are universal Development Goals , companies must establish their own to commit to. A sustainable marketing strategy will provide us with the most efficient way to satisfy consumer needs. What can your company achieve through sustainable marketing? Deal with the problems that have been detected in society and the environment and that derive from commercial activity.

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To satisfy needs, it is necessary to produce. A sustainable strategy will allow us to do it in an efficient and conscious way . It is important to establish the difference between want and need to devise desirable products. This type of product immediately satisfies a need and also provides long-term benefits . Not only does it benefit the consumer, but it also takes into account and adds value to society and the environment that surrounds us. The positive impact that the benefit implies for the company also reaches society. It is a positive impact that is multiplied by achieving a greater reach.

However, products, in addition to satisfying a need, provide an environmental value . How to apply Sustainable Marketing? First steps We must eliminate products that do not generate customer satisfaction or any benefit for the medium in the long term. However, is, we must stop producing undesirable products and services. Second, we will improve products that lack immediate satisfaction or long-term benefits. In addition, as companies, we will invest in innovation and development for the commercialization of products that provide real utility and advantages for the consumer and for society as a whole. Map out a sustainable marketing strategy It is necessary to carry out detailed market research with a strategic approach.

Sustainable Marketing

However, will allow us to develop each of our marketing mix variables in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainability. Adapting to the environment and environmental changes means being responsive . This capacity allows us to anticipate future changes in our sector. At the same time, it allows you to survive in times of crisis and thrive in times of growth. It is imperative that our company has a future – oriented strategy . However, marketing: more than a business strategy Sustainable marketing, far from being a simple business strategy, is a strategy for life , for the world. The environmental value that companies provide through desirable products and services minimizes negative effects on the environment and benefits society. Reducing polluting waste, reusing raw materials, recycling final products and consuming responsibly will contribute to savings in production.

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