XDM (for Experience Data Management) is a new universal data format dedicated toclient experience. Experiential marketing is about giving the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List or customer a memorable experience … , made available to all in open source by Adobe. In an article written for Adobe, I talk about this major announcement made by Adobe on 04/11/19 at CXM Space: the launch of the XDM format and its Customer Experience Platform (CXP). Details here with an interview with Lionel Lemoine.

Adobe and customer experience: the most important technological project of the last 3 years for the Californian software giant. This event was held on November 4, 2019 at the Gaîté lyrique, in the heart of Paris. Apart from the demonstrations, of which you will find a summary on the Adobe blog [ transparency: that I wrote for them as a customer ], what struck me was the technologist announcement that the giant of San Jose did in the area of ​​customer knowledge.

A Colossal Technological Project

A colossal project, because to use the words of Lionel Lemoine, at the head of the BU “Solution Consulting” for Western and Southern Europe at Adobe, it is the largest technological project undertaken by Adobe in over the past three years .

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Business audiences are most familiar with Adobe for its remarkable Creative Cloud suite and its iconic products (Ilustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, etc.) but less for its action in the area of ​​customer experience . However, Adobe is one of the leaders, as its takeover of Marketo and Magento in 2018 (after Neolane in 2013 ) has further demonstrated.

A Universal Data Format In Partnership With Microsoft And Sap

This time, the firm has taken another step forward with a universal data format (XDM for Experience Data Model) that Adobe has developed and then made available to as many people as possible, in open format. This format will be promoted in partnership with major players such as Microsoft, ServiceNow or SAP.

So this is a major announcement that goes beyond technology. We all agree that the customer experience can be improved. Of course, it is a matter of people and process , we will not deny it, but also of technology. Without the underlying technology, without the data shared by all the increasingly heterogeneous systems, the consumer always finds himself in this position where he must explain for the 15th time where he lives and inform for the thousandth time his number. phone.

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