Apple wants to make your iPhone your new connected health record and prepares the Antigua and Barbuda Email list for the iWatch, its future connected watch.Announced yesterday at the WWDC developer conference, HealthKit will be the new Apple platform integrated into the slew of new features in iOS 8, the next version of the iPhone operating system.

The Health app can be defined as a “safe” for all your health data coming from device (distance traveled, speed, etc.) and apps and terminals produced by independent developers, ranging from connected bracelets such as Fitbit or Jawbone to personal scales and other blood pressure monitors. Healthkit will facilitate the sharing of information between these apps , so that your favorite jogging app can automatically extract data from your Withings scale.

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The arrival in the healthcare sector of a player weighing more than 800 million iOS devices sold since the launch of the iPhone, thus positions Apple at the heart of the growing community of wellness and fitness app developers. , health providers and producers of connected objects.

Antigua and Barbuda Email list

The competition promises to be tough in an emerging and protean market for QS apps and terminals where even leading companies such as JawBone, Fitbit and Withings are also looking to take advantage of smartphone features to take control of all your measurement. fitness, diet and other personal data. The fight will be interesting to follow in a gigantic sector where even the biggest players like Nike are fumbling and have not always managed to find the product that meets a market going beyond the early adopters. The storage of health data in the cloud is also a subject more than sensitive and regulated. Where is the data stored? How will the data be accessible for other terminals? Craig Federighi, Director of Software Engineering,

What Are Your Development Techniques?

This approach is different from the classic object-making approach, and Stéphane Mor underlines it: “in the traditional cycle, we define the product in its smallest details upstream and we realize it afterwards. It allows continuous improvement and integration, also with the idea of ​​interfaces, because an object is most often made up of several elements, connectors. As in the case of the mask that we manufacture within the HandiLab: the tube must go over the mask, there is an interface, and the AGILE method works a lot with that. ” The HandiLab? One of the specificities of the Free Objects Factory: making specific objects for people with disabilities.

Stéphane then guides us to a second room, more spacious, with large tables in the center and materials installed along the walls, where about ten people are busy: “here, it’s more focused on assembly, DIY, with suitable equipment, but above all there is the laser cutting machine ”. The machine is the size of a jukebox, equipped with a transparent cover, with a sort of black grille inside that smells of burnt. “The laser cutter can cut wood, plexiglass, from a two-dimensional vector file on a computer. It is a use within the reach of everyone. We also have a digital milling machine, and more conventional materials for drilling, screwing, etc.

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