Digital Strategist at Creative Territory . Social networks stopped being a novelty a long time ago . It is rare that a company ignores them when it raises its online strategy. But when we talk about ecommerce, the “importance” of social networks tends to be questioned. If you have just started your online store and you are not sure what to do, this may interest you. When we talk about eCommerce, it is normal to focus on talking about the product, the online platform or customer acquisition. And when we talk about this topic (and other online marketing) we are quickly dazzled by SEO, SEM or email marketing.

Social networks often end up as “the silly son”, as a very nice toy but that is nothing more than a nice to have . However, this is less and less true and social networks must be part of your brand strategy from the very beginning. Why should they be part UAE Mobile Number Database of your strategy? 1. Because they allow you to develop the voice of your brand It is a perhaps not very tangible benefit, but relevant. Brands interact with people, social channels give you a unique opportunity to speak directly with your customers, without intermediaries, and you will be able to develop your own voice.

The Online Strategy of Your Virtual Store

Because they are a source of traffic capture (increasingly important), although they cannot be to just that Gone are the days when social channels had percentages that were so low that they were sources of traffic for your site. Social channels are now a growing source of traffic, rivaling search engines and direct traffic. Image: Shareaholic 3. Because they are a customer service channel For a large company it is necessary to implement complicated protocols and wars between departments. It should be “easy” for you to make the decision: the problem will be resources. Set schedules that you can meet or, in case the volume is large, consider seeking help in this field.

Because you will be building a small (or large) community for the future One of the great values ​​of social media is that it is “cumulative”: even if people can unfollow you, they usually don’t. What you build each day accumulates and facilitates future growth. When you invest in advertising and stop investing for a reason, the effect ends; but if you invest in community, a part remains. 5. Because they will help you spread your content This has a trick, are you creating content to turn your virtual store into a source of knowledge? If not, you should.

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The content provides credibility, makes it easy to be found and adds value to your users. 6. Because you will be closer to your client and you will be able to put a face on them Transactional data, while a wonderful way to understand your customer, doesn’t show you “the whole picture.” Do you want to know more about your customers? Follow them, add them to lists, interact with them… You will get valuable insights about your product. For example, the folks at the retentiongrid app mentioned us on Twitter as soon as we linked our Shopify online store to their app, which instantly “brought us closer” to their brand . 7. Because advertising on social networks is increasingly relevant Social platforms are highly advertising machines.

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