Poorly managed, the presence of your brand and / or your business on social networks can be more harmful than beneficial. On digital channels, Slovenia Email List takes place in both directions: from the brand to the customer and vice versa. Your customers and prospects will therefore seek to talk to you on the networks and they will often require strong attention from you. Hence the importance of monitoring your social networks.

“On social networks, the notions of B2B and B2C no longer exist. What matters is P2P: People to People! ”. Do you want an effective presence of your brand or your company on the networks? Learn by heart this quote signed Jeremiah Owyang. Because, as the collaborative guru says, social media is supposed to be first and foremost … social. Which therefore imply communication between your brand / company and your customers.

Monitor To Develop Better Marketing Campaigns

The monitoring of your networks allows you to recover at a lower cost, returns from your prospects or your customers . This will allow you to develop better marketing campaigns, close more deals, improve your products or services, and even make your customers happier .

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Surveillance is also a great way to avoid seizures and other bad buzz. Suppose there is an important event happening on a local, national or even global scale. You need to watch it and know it so that you can pause certain marketing messages. You may also want to be the first to seek to share messages that play on the emotional aspects of these events.

It is therefore important to monitor your social platforms to prevent your interlocutors from feeling that you are not listening to them. Brands that just publish content and don’t take the time to take their customers’ feedback into account are making a mistake. Being present on social networks means listening.

Monitor To Respond Quickly

Tell yourself that your customers’ expectations of your response time will be very high. Some networks like Facebook measure and display the rate and response time of pages. On Twitter , it’s even worse. According to statistics published on Search Engine Watch, 72% of users of a social network expect a response from the brands they address on the platform. And they are 53% want this answer in less than an hour! This figure peaks at 72% when it comes to a complaint. In short, you will understand, users of social networks are demanding.

You must therefore watch these spaces very carefully. Because people are talking about your brand, your products or services, your competition, your industry and your employees. And they do it whether you like it or not. Instead of ignoring these conversations, wouldn’t you want to moderate , step in and have your say?
Monitoring its networks is therefore important for brands that want to establish a relationship of trust with their users. To support you in your monitoring, we have written a white paper that will help you do it in just 10 minutes a day .

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