Let anyone who has never had a “catalog of products or services” website launches the first stone … It is true that it is tempting, even reassuring to build a Sudan Email List and its communication around its offer: say that our services are the most efficient, our products the most innovative, etc. And yet, our prospects are looking for an answer to their problem. So before we talk about the answer, let’s talk about the problem.

In short, thinking “content” to improve your presence on the networks is like a trust routine to install. And this, as much for your prospects and customers as for Google and the other search engines.The Sponsored Pin refers to the Standard Pin, the format that made Pinterest strong. By positioning themselves in the middle of the stream of Pins, professionals will have the opportunity to increase their impact by reaching more users.

Prospects Prefer That We Talk About Their Problems

When we have a problem, whatever it is, what is the reflex that we all have? We type on Google to understand and try to find a solution. Whether it’s for a headache or a business productivity problem, we all do the same thing. So if you only talk about what you’re selling on your website, how does your prospect know it’s going to be right for them?

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Any good salesperson must know how to talk about the problem at the base, so that the prospect can identify his need. Once done, then you can offer him your product (or service). He will therefore see it as the logical solution to his problem . The telling example is the classic “sell me that pen”. In the excerpt from the film “Wolf of Wall Street” (Scorsese, 2013), Leonardo Dicaprio who plays the role of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, who asks sellers to sell him a pen. The aim of the exercise is not to describe the characteristics of the object, but to highlight the need.

You Get Fewer Prospects

We have already spoken in a previous article of the purchasing journey of Internet users. To simplify, before determining if the proposed service will correspond to the needs of the prospect, this one goes through several stages of reflection . These steps are the basic premise of Inbound Marketing . It is normal to spend time for a prospect in the first phases (“Awareness” phase): he knows he has a problem, but does not know the solutions . He will therefore find out by all means (relatives, colleagues, friends, professional relations, etc.) on the exact identification of his problem.

Only then will he assess the various possible solutions. The passage from one stage to another. It’s like a funnel: not everyone goes from step 1 to step 2, or even step 3. So targeting prospects in step 1 naturally allows you to reach a lot more people. than if you were content to target those in the decision phase.
3 / Your quality of service will be the reason why your customers will come back At the risk of repeating myself, it is not by praising the merits of your products (or services) and the quality of service that you are going to conclude sales.

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