According to HubSpot , content marketing generates three times more to prospects than paid advertisements. We know that blog posts have the power of Pakistan Email List leads , this content still has to reach its target. Download our white paper to create your buyer persona And that’s when content marketing comes in ( content marketing or content strategy, whatever name you’ve heard of).

Once all this is done, all you have to do is set a budget to reach your goal. For example, if you want to bring 25,000 visitors per month to your site from Facebook, you will need to perform simulations in order to see the cost of advertising on the network as well as that of content creation.

How Does The Content Strategy Work?

The goal of the content strategy is to help your potential customer the best possible by giving them all the information they need in order to convert them into a prospect and then into a customer . Content marketing or content marketing is centered around the user and his issues.

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We can summarize the content strategy by: Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and in the right place . That’s a lot of parameters to take into account. No secret not to miss it, you have to know your potential client! You will understand that having a website is not enough to guarantee its success. Once it is online, you will still have to work to attract visitors, if possible qualified and therefore corresponding to your core target.

The Buyer Journey, Analysis Of The Customer Journey

Awareness : your persona discovers that he has a problem, he seeks to verbalize it and and begins to articulate his need. example : Taking care of my company’s social networks takes too much time and the result is not impactful enough. The content to be put in front will be informative, the goal is to help him define his problem.

Consideration phase : now your persona isfully aware of his need, he then seeks to evaluate the different possible solutions. example : our persona will navigate on different sites in order to find who (an agency, someone in-house, a freelance…) can take care of the company’s social networks. At that time, you will have to offer them solutions and obviously show that your services perfectly meet their needs.

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