With some 660 million users, including 19 million in France, Linkedin has become the essential tool for professionals who want to maintain their network. The platform has revolutionized the way a company shapes its Cyprus Email List and its employees, their careers. If Linkedin is a social network very popular with advertisers in the B2B market, it is also a fruitful tool for promoting your brand in B2C . We explain why in a few points:

Bet on dynamic re-targeting to quickly reach large audiences. If these few steps are essential to the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns , there is no miracle recipe! Feel free to experiment with different campaign settings to find out which ones best suit your unique challenges. To put the odds on your side and get the most out of social networks for your business, entrust your digital strategy to our Facebook Ads agency .

Strengthen Your Digital Acquisition Strategy With Linkedin Ads Retargeting

On the one hand, you have the possibility of targeting members who have recently visited your website thanks to the Linkedin Insight Tag , which increases your chances of generating conversions and increases your ROI since you reach an already interested audience.

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On the other hand, Linkedin advertising can be used in addition to your Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns by retargeting people who have already been exposed to your content via other levers. You will thus ensure a constant and multichannel presence in the thought process of your prospects.

Get Constructive Data On Your Campaigns And Audiences

The Linkedin advertising analysis tools provide insightful feedback on your performance. You have the possibility to know how many leads brought you back your ads and at what cost, how much revenue on your website was generated by your ads, which format is to be preferred, etc. This information allows you to easily and efficiently optimize your campaigns by removing the worst performing ones and giving more budget to those that meet your objectives.

In addition, Linkedin Insight Tag allows you to obtain unpublished data on Internet users who visit your website. You can adapt your strategy according to the type of prospect who shows interest in your brand, according to the type of position they hold, their socio-professional category or their field of activity. Using these insights, you will be able to build a relevant target audience and accommodate your communication actions there.

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