If you are using digital to develop your business (or if you plan to do so), you have surely Serbia Email List your website at the center of your strategy . You have therefore certainly refined every detail of its visual appearance, its written content, or its navigation interface.

But you should also work on its display speed . Because a site that is too slow will tend to degrade the user experience of the Internet users who use it. Result: they risk leaving! How can you blame them ? Step into the shoes of a customer trying to find out about your services or purchase your products through your site. If he spends more time waiting than getting what he wants, he will end up telling himself that he will have to look elsewhere more quickly.

How Do I Measure The Speed Of My Site?

To know if your website is fast or if it is slow, you just need to measure its speed. And while there is no such thing as a universal comparison scale, one can estimate that a site is fast enough if its pages load in less than 3 seconds. Between 3 and 5 seconds, it can be considered that its speed is average. Note that a moderately fast site can already make you lose between 20 and 40% of visitors because of the loading time! And yes, 2 seconds can make all the difference!

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Beyond the 8 seconds of loading time, it is imperative to correct the situation! Note also that the speed of loading pages is not everything. The display speed must also be taken into account. A more difficult characteristic to measure. And internet users aren’t the only ones who appreciate speed. Search engines also attach great importance to this criterion. Tell yourself that if a fast site will not help you to gain places in the ranking of Google, a site too slow will make you lose some , certainly!

My Site Is Slow! How Do I Change That?

Did you take the test with one of these tools and the results were mixed, if not downright disastrous? Don’t immediately fire your web developer! There are solutions to improve the responsiveness of your site and de facto, its visitor retention rate. Breathe deeply and try to work the following points.

We don’t necessarily think about it, but the server on which your website is hosted affects its display speed. Want a responsive site? Go for a fast server! And this is even more true if you have an e-commerce site. In this case, you can even consider going through a dedicated server rather than a shared solution.

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