The domain name is one of the central elements , arguably the most central, of a good digital strategy and yet it remains cruelly ignored by many. Including start-ups that often forget to file a name that is sufficiently Tunisia Phone Number List or that opt ​​for ambiguous names that are unpronounceable or impossible to find. With David Chelly , author of a book on the domain name , and specialist in the domain, let’s see the strategic side of the domain name, an essential component in my opinion of a good digital strategy.

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A Domain Name Is A Brand In Its Own Right

To explain this well, I asked David, who has been a site editor in Spain for fifteen years, to come and explain it to our readers in front of the Visionary Marketing microphones. In this podcastable interview, he tells us about his book: the central role of domain names . David Chelly: the domain name is central
This subject has interested me for 15 years, but I often had the impression of a long moment of solitude. However, for 2 or 3 years, without my knowing how to explain it, domain names have become interesting again.

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They are central because they are transversal. I have had clients in absolutely all sectors, because everyone needs a domain name at some point in their life. The lawyers are concerned, as well as SEO, the agency naming of. Today, you can’t create a cool name by registering it directly, you need domain names and know how to get them back. Domain names are in the process of finding a place and concern many players. My book is all about what domain names can do and how to find them. It is an informative work.

The Importance Of The Tld (Top-level Domain)

There are all kinds of standards. If you go to the United States with a .fr, it’s done, the .com is essential. On the other hand, the .com is not appreciated in Germany . Better keep it for international level and US market. But opting for the .de for Germans is really important.

Today, it is not very well known, but the .com belongs more or less to Warren Buffett [Editor’s note: through the participations of his investment fund in Verisign ]. And there have been a lot of scandals recently at ICANN [Editor’s note: as here in the sale of .Org ]. And we are in a phase of descent of .com because it is managed by American interests [Editor’s note: Google is even singled out in October 2020 to try to make the .com disappear ].

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