Creating a Facebook page or an Instagram account for your brand or business is an easy operation which usually only takes a few minutes. But once your spaces are in place, this is where the real work begins. It is Singapore Email List necessary to feed them, to animate them, to moderate them… in short, to manage them. A task that can quickly become time consuming. Especially when you don’t know who to entrust it to. At your communication department? To your marketing team? Or do you have to manage everything yourself? Let’s evaluate the different possible choices together.

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Your Marketing Department To Attract, Convert And Measure

When a company has a marketing team , it is usually that one that is entrusted with the management of social networks. A logical attribution since this team is already responsible for thinking about the overall image of the brand. She therefore already knows her tone, colors, typography, storytelling, in short, her universe. Marketing is also used to thinking about operations aimed at attracting new prospects or customers , at converting them and at measuring the results of these operations.

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Be careful, however! On social networks, the 4P rule (Product, Price, Promotion, Point of sale), the basis of traditional marketing, no longer applies. We must also think about Personalization, the notion of Prediction, the management of Privacy. In short, if your Marketing department remains the preferred choice for managing your networks, make sure that the teams are trained in these different tools.

Your Communication Department To Distribute Your Messages

Not all companies have the desire or the means to afford a marketing department. Moreover, having a dedicated team is often a luxury reserved for “large SMEs”, or even large or very large companies. The presence of a team or a position dedicated to communication is, on the other hand, common, even in small structures.

Aware that social networks are very visible spaces (as a reminder: 593,000 Internet users in Reunion Island and 150,000 Reunionese on Instagram ), communication managers are often the first to want to position themselves on these tools.

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