An appropriate house style is key. Make sure that it conveys the atmosphere of your company well. For example, a restaurant specializing in spareribs should not use neon colors and heavy round fonts.


A good logo is not too detailed. Keep in mind that the logo must still be easily recognizable in different applications.

Examples for your own website

Below I share the design of 6 websites of SME companies. The Compliance Directors Email Lists unique aspects, use of house style and general pluses and minuses of the websites are discussed.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

1. mr. stacks

The first website is from a restaurant in Amsterdam. Here, guests enjoy the most photogenic vegan comfort food together, with a bubble tea. As a specialty, Mr. Stacks the vegan pancakes to Chef Milo’s recipe.


What stands out about the website, what makes it unique? Why does this fit so well with the corporate identity of the website?


  • First impression. The first thing you see on the website is a video about Mr Stacks. It is a good representation of the restaurant and what they offer.
  • Photography. Beautiful and aesthetic photos that convey the vibe well and make it more attractive.
  • Corporate identity. Nice and legible font. The fun illustrations of the drinks and cinnamon roll on the menu make it very personal.
  • grid. Uses the grid in a playful way, both on mobile and desktop
  • responsive. The website scales well to mobile view.
  • Additional shortcut elements. The website has buttons that give a shortcut to a part of the website. Like the big Menu button that jumps right to the menu, this is a very important part of a restaurant. That’s why you want this to be accessible on the website. The table button directs you to reserving a table. With the gift card button you buy a Mr. Stacks gift card. You will also see shortcuts to the socials.

Points for improvement

  • The logo is too busy. On a small size you can’t really see what’s on it.
  • The menu and table buttons are not the same size on desktop and are not lined up on the sides.
  • The footer disappears below the main when scrolling. It wouldn’t be a big deal if the background had a different color, but that’s not the case.

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