An example of a commonly used component is the Open Products and Services Catalog (OpenPDC). This is a database in which all products and services of a municipality are stored. Think, for example, of applying for a passport, permit or reporting relocations. Things that are the same for every municipality, but that need to be adapted (partly locally). The products and services can be read by every municipality that participates in the OWC via an API.

Displays Content

This so-called ‘headless structure’ also displays content perfectly on smartphone, tablet or apps. How is that possible? In fact, it no longer matters which system wants to show your content: it just picks it from the database. This makes a complete content structure scalable, which is interesting for organizations that have to process and place loads of content on a daily basis. Just in the secure environment of WordPress.

Integration with third parties

Finally, the flexibility of WordPress is another big advantage for me. Of course, the aforementioned multi-site solution is very useful, but an easy integration with other systems is even more convenient. Every company, large or small, has its own software, customer management or CRM systems. A link CMO Email Lists from WordPress with, for example, AFAS or PerfectView creates a nice situation where administration is no longer a tiring log-in-log-out process, but rather clear and easy to manage.

CMO Email Lists

There are also 3 ways to secure your WordPress site. For example, WordPress itself builds in smarts to ensure that plugins and the CMS are updated. Via pop-ups and (sometimes bright red) banners, the system makes it clear that updates are available to download and install. This can also be fully automated. And with software like WordFence, you even get a notification when a used plug-in has been removed from the library.

And that is ultimately what WordPress stands for. Whether it is for a large organization or for a small SME: ease of use is a great asset.

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