A leitmotif in any digital Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List project (in any project itself ): assess your need and detail it. What would an ERP bring to your organization? Do you need to ensure a data flow from one end of your business to the other, to produce more efficiently, to generate reliable data, to aggregate information with your suppliers and customers? The reasons for providing your SME with an ERP are as numerous as those not to do so, we have dedicated an entire article to this question . Why choosing an ERP is so complicated The ERP market has evolved a lot since their creation: 40 years ago, the construction of specific solutions was

the only possible way, then the recurrence of the need gave rise to software solutions: SAP, Sage, Oracle… Some time later , SaaS ERP solutions appear, some platforms even offering open source access to many functional modules. Add to that the possibility of making your ERP home made thanks to spreadsheets ware like Google Suite and you will find yourself in front of a variety of solutions to make the most pugnacious of project managers pale. The choice of specific solutions Building a tailor-made ERP is necessarily more expensive but offers the advantage of minimizing change for users because the interest is precisely to build

The Choice Of Specific Solutions

a system from operational practices. If your cash flow does not however allow you to invest in the construction of a specific solution, you can now choose to assemble standard parameterized modules taken from a multitude of offers at your disposal (sometimes open source !): this is what SaaS solutions allow – Software as a service like Odoo, Dynamics NAV, etc. On the other hand, if you multiply the modules for your different businesses, you will not cut the need for specific development to make these modules communicate with each other (transfer files, API, publish-subscribe kafka platform, etc.). The last alternative particularly suited to small structures (the one for which we have so far opted for ISlean consulting!), Build


your own ERP using spreadsheets that allow you to build very sophisticated solutions without making any developments; at ISlean consulting, we used the Google suite. The choice of standard solutions With specific solutions, the tool bends to practice, with standards, practice bends to the tool. The packaged ERP solutions are a concentrate of shared feedback from thousands of users and developments that have led to the establishment of a best practice business process.integrated into the ERP. No flexibility therefore for users, operational staff; So be prepared to spend – in part at least – the savings made with the relatively low cost of investing in the tool, on change management expenses and lost productivity in operations.

The Choice Of Standard Solutions

It is always possible to ask your ERP editor to carry out specific developments, for example to spare users from overwhelming changes. However, you will most likely pay for these developments two, or even three times: you will pay for the license, including features that you will not use, the development of specific features, and when your ERP editor tells you to upgrade. a new version of its product, specific modules will have to be redeveloped, if they are still necessary. As long as you stick to the sole use of the core functions of the ERP, standard solutions are therefore a choice of reason, especially since no COMEX will reproach

you for having chosen a big name in the ERP edition for your project. To conclude, our recommendations taken from our study The ERP choices possible today are made according to the means and therefore the size of your company. The recommendations below are not absolute because they closely depend on the capacities of your teams and managers (for example ask yourself the question of the skills already available in your organization):barriers to entry: you can import your files in office format with a single click and convert them to Google format with very few corrections. to bring later. Moreover, the interfaces are almost

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