Internal customer experience managers can play a stimulating and continuing role in this. Or outsource it to specialists who have the right knowledge in-house.

Make a plan and formulate achievable goals

Customer experience research and a mature ‘feedback culture’ will only be successful if you work from a plan in which you clearly describe the goals/KPIs that you want to achieve with your organization. All this based on the feedback from your customers. The advantage of a plan is that it is easier to adjust and optimize if necessary.

Also set a period within which you want to achieve the goals IT Directors Managers Email Lists and make sure that the goals are achievable. Possible goals are to achieve more growth for customers, to optimize the quality of service and to improve the relationship with customers. It is important for a plan to make one or more people within the organization the owner, in order to guarantee the continuity of the research and follow-up of the results.

IT Directors Email Lists

Increase your customer retention

If your current customers speak positively about you and promote your organization, it will attract potential new customers. Moreover, a loyal customer will do business with you again faster, and possibly more, so that you build a more stable customer retention and cash flow. The bonus is therefore the acquisition of new customers and the realization of growth. That is why paying attention to your current customers is so important.

Customers are one of the most important sources of energy for your employees and a guideline for the continuous development of your organization. It is therefore important that you know what the customer needs are. Utilizing customer and employee potential ensures that you get the best out of your organization and can be distinctive. Tip: Link Analytics together. This makes it easier to make cross connections and gain integrated insights. This increases your burden of proof.

Make yourself distinctive: work towards top performers

The average Net Promoter Score (NPS) for top performing organizations is +53. The average customer satisfaction score of top performers in B2B Netherlands is also high: an average of 8.5. With such scores you are doing exceptionally well as an organization and you can call yourself a top performer!

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