The degree of Cyprus WhatsApp Number List authority and trust of the content, the website and its author. The main content of the page: the richness and quality of the content written. The degree of information: clear and visible information about the author and the website. Reputation: what other sites say about the author and the website. Note that the Quality Raters do not give a rating to the web page , but assess it against this scale of value below: quality raters evaluation system Once the page has been evaluated, the Quality Rater sends its report to Google, which will probably take it into account in its positioning calculation and its algorithm.

EAT EAT , abbreviation of “Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness”), in French “Expertise, Authority and Confidence” is something on which Google has put more and more emphasis in recent years. Why ? It’s very simple: Google wants to be 100% sure that the content in search results is trustworthy. In order for Google to give your site a high EAT rating, it must be considered a trusted authority in your industry. For example, Wikipedia probably has the highest EAT rating of any website on the planet. The content is written and edited by thousands of people, many of whom are experts in their fields. To improve your EAT, there aren’t really any hard and fast rules.

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In addition, we know that even the EAT system is strongly influenced by inbound links since Google has confirmed that PageRank plays an important role in establishing the EAT level as you can read in the excerpt below. below. backlinks-and-eat-seo Voice search It’s no secret that the number of people searching with their voices has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Google even reported that nearly half of American adults use voice search every day . When we talk about voice search, a lot of people ask us, “What’s the point of optimizing my site for voice search?”


Even though I am quoted by my Google Home, no one visits my website. ” That’s a good point, of course, but voice searches aren’t just for smart speakers, like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Already in 2016, Google announced that 20% of searches carried out on smartphones were vocal. In other words, more and more people are bypassing their keyboards in favor of their voices. And this has an impact on mobile searches as it does on traditional desktop searches. Voice search is one of the biggest trends in SEO and digital marketing. As more people start to search with their voices, publishers will need to find ways to create and optimize content specifically for voice searches.

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Optimize your YouTube videos YouTube recently overtook Facebook to become the second most popular website in the world . Unlike other social networks like Twitter, YouTube is also a very popular search engine. This means that optimizing your YouTube SEO is very important for the visibility of your videos . In addition, according to an analysis of the Sistrix site , YouTube videos are increasingly present in Google search results. Of course, YouTube videos have been in Google search results for years. But in recent months, they have taken up more and more space in the SERPs  especially above classic blue links, and for informational requests .

display-videos-youtube-serp-google seo Which means that being present on YouTube is a necessity for a good SEO strategy. Visual search Just like voice search uses voice, visual search uses pictures. Now you may be wondering what the purpose of image search is, if we already have the two searches where you can type and talk. The answer is quite simple: it makes our life easier. Before voice search, you could only type on a keyboard. This search method is not only tedious but cannot always give good results and most of the time it is impractical to type.

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