When you can’t go to a training workshop … It is the training workshop that comes to you! In a context of digital revolution , skills are legion and are not only Myanmar Email List for marketing experts. It is up to the one who will make the best and fastest use of a technological tool to claim more skills. And as soon as the tool is apprehended and understood, it will be necessary to train again …

But in this web jungle, when you move away a little from urban areas, it is a little more difficult to train in digital technology, at low cost and face-to-face, without going for miles. In 2021, digital technology is not given to everyone: 4 out of 10 French people still feel “in difficulty” with digital technology. For this reason, training programs such asGoogle Digital Workshops make it possible to break this isolation and rebalance the digital strengths of tomorrow.


Which Digital Training Workshops To Turn To?

When you are a novice , you go for beginner-level digital training, in one of the local Google Digital Workshops or in a training organization. For an intermediate level , digital training provided online in video modules, with skills tests To increase its expertise , digital coaching for personalized training
For a simple reminder of the basics at an advanced / expert level , specific MOOCS or meet with a local coach.

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Moreover, driven by strong demand, some Masters offer a more “professionalizing” educational device, more oriented towards new media or the Internet , others more specifically teach web marketing tools such as a content editor or CMS or practices. e-commerce .

How To Train Digital?

Proving Yourself on the WWW When the Internet, originally known as the “World Wild Web” came into being in 1989, the goal of its founder, Tim Berners Lee, was for scientists and academics around the world to instantly exchange a large amount of information and pass on their knowledge to learners. And knowledge has thus become a weapon to differentiate oneself !

The apple did not fall very far from the tree, today training of all kinds is available thanks to the network. The year 2021 has driven the marginalization of videoconferencing , which has caused everyone’s access to learning to explode. It is possible to be supported for anything and everything on the web today …

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