The chatbot of the old days, here comes the hybrid chatbot that promotes conversational selling. When we talk about chatbots , immediately come to mind these horrible robots who were asked intelligent Monaco Email List and answered anything. It was barely 5 years ago, which is to say an eternity. But now, artificial intelligence has reached a level sufficient to achieve the best conversational sales experience we’ve ever had, says Steve Desjarlais , founder of Heyday ,

whom I interviewed from Montreal. In this new era of customer relations, AI and robots are playing a role this time.fundamental Fundamental marketing is the main path that leads to theoretical knowledge of the marketin … and positive in this conversational sales experience.

When The Chatbot Becomes The Engine Of Conversational Sales

It is the exit of the tunnel for the chatbot and also for the customer relationship which, thanks to AI, transforms the chatbot into a real conversational sales engine and that changes everything.
We must not forget that the early robots wanted to be very autonomous. today’s robot, on the contrary, must be at the service of people, of the customer. This also means that he becomes the assistant to customer service employees, call centers and salespeople. We therefore expect sculpins to bring added value to the humans with whom they interact. Here is the interview I did with Steve.

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The first is how others perceive this action. Let’s say we’re already networked and I see you like some content. In many cases, “liking” is seen as the weakest trust factor among your interactions. It does not mean that you have read this content. It could just mean that you like the person who posted it. Sharing is more valuable in the eyes of other people. If this sharing is the work of an employee I can encourage them not to just share, but to add something personal. It could be a sentence explaining why this is so interesting or why on the contrary he does not agree with the author’s statement. If you decide to share someone else’s content, that means you have a high opinion of it. It makes sense to take a few more seconds and add your own perspective. The content then becomes more authentic and more interesting for the reader.

The Role Of The Chatbot In Conversational Sales

To properly place technology, especially artificial intelligence, you should not expect too much, but place it at the right level We must allow time for artificial intelligence to train and grow, says Steve. We talk a lot about autonomous cars, but the autonomous cars that are on the road today are not really autonomous, they are hybrid, semi-autonomous. All manufacturers that offer automated driving modules require a human behind the wheel. Eventually, we will arrive at a level of automation that perhaps allows us to completely remove humans. But we are not there in any area.

The importance of the NLU in these next generation sculpins
When we talk about Chabot, we are talking above all about a conversational interface. When we look at our personal use of technology, we very often look at our smartphones, our smartphones, and the type of interface we use on these devices is often a conversational interface, Steve points out.

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