Launch of advertising on WhatsApp in 2020
It’s official: Facebook has just confirmed the appearance of ads on the messaging application from 2020.
These Iran Email List ads will appear in the Articles – the equivalent of Instagram Stories on WhatsApp – and will take up the entire mobile screen. Thus, the interested user will be able to scroll down to get more information.

Pinterest unveils its 2020 figures
Having become a full-fledged social network, Pinterest is THE platform for sharing photographs and source of reference inspiration. Created in March 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, it is attracting more and more users, 70% of whom are women, although around 40% of new users are men.

Whatsapp: Towards A Progressive Monetization Of The Application

A few months ago, an announcement had already confirmed that the WhatsApp application would start to be monetized through advertisements and through the sale of services aimed at businesses. At the same time and as part of the update that linked Facebook and WhatsApp accounts, better user targeting was planned for advertisers. This mix of data, which the company had promised to avoid, resulted in a record fine of $ 122 million decided by the European Union’s antitrust commission.

Iran Email List

These reversals had solidified fears that its popular end-to-end encryption model was threatened, targeting by definition violating it. Indeed, this encryption guarantees the privacy of users, even preventing WhatsApp and Facebook from accessing the content of the messages sent.

End-to-end Encryption Under Threat?

The group has since confirmed its commitment to this principle and should not question it in the short term. This is why the advertisements should appear in the Statutes, which themselves are not encrypted. The group has reportedly set a goal of $ 10 billion in revenue in five years of monetization .Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants to support you in your Social Ads strategy on Whatsapp (by next year!) And on all social networks.

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