We’ve been experimenting since the Morocco Phone Number early days of cmi. (ok…Sometimes “Experimentation” is code for “We don’t really know. What we’re doing, but let’s try…”.) as the business matures, we focus. More on what works , and process processes around these methods to Morocco Phone Number. Make them as efficient and effective as possible. But just because we better. Understand what works doesn’t mean we should stop trying new things. So our editorial team is running some experiments this summer, and we want to.

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Our goal is to be transparent about. What works and what doesn’t to Morocco Phone Number ultimately help you with your content marketing. But first, a story before looking at upcoming experiments, I would like to share. What we tried – with surprising results. About 18 months ago, we decided to republish. A well-performing blog post. Our assumption is that when we post. No one will be able to Morocco Phone Number read everything we post – new subscribers most likely won’t study. What we’ve already produced. Not only do we want to publish new posts. We want to see how people react to seeing our best posts. While we sometimes. Update these posts with current information or new examples.

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With little change. I will be frank. A lot of people on the team. Didn’t think it was a good idea – they didn’t like the idea of ​​us not releasing new content. And, I’ve had people outside of cmi express the same assumption. As this contributor’s email excerpt illustrates: “I think fresh, original. And original work is much better than re-running the Morocco Phone Number same article!” but you know what? No one complained that they didn’t get brand new content every day. (and we don’t keep it a secret either. We include a special logo on all of these posts – popular).

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