The other day a friend told me with a blank goal: I’m going to do Code! In mentalities, coding seems to be reserved for the most sullen geeks, for the Malta Email List number, they are still small beings with glasses, desocialized and locked in the dark with their PC to do what no one else would have. patience to do: write lines of code. A real technological gibberish for the average person. Some will argue that a “qualified expertise” is needed, but what seems to be a feat in the field of “Dev” is now within everyone’s reach.

Or at least it is open to all digital enthusiasts.Code, like other specializations, is becoming more accessible thanks to numerous branches of distance learning , in e-learning , pushed by the unusual context of a confined year. Because you can find everything (and nothing) online, we have sorted out for you the best training courses in short, medium and long cycles for any marketer in the making, or only to improve.

What Is Digital Marketing Training?

When we talk about digital marketing training , it means acquiring all the specifics of a web marketing strategy : that is to say, mastering the key marketing tools in order to define strategies, master all the levers at your disposal :

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SEO, advertising (Ads), Emailing, Content marketing (editorial content), acquire an audience (define targets), understand social networks , create a community , check the engagement of a target and finally measure your traffic and your KING. There are many ways to learn digital: the classic stream; to prove oneself by self-taught, accompanied by a coach , or to acquire key skills and seek to meet a specific need in a condensed and professional training , on the sidelines of traditional marketing training .

What Training To Become A Marketing Manager?

Numerous training institutes have been training in digital technology for the past 20 years. The courses offered are either qualifying, qualifying or certifying or even all 3 at the same time. -> The 2 access routes to be favored: the Master and the Master in ALTERNATION to gain in professionalism and to integrate the world of employment.

Recognized digital marketing training
Private establishments (Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs, Management, Communication, Advertising, Marketing …) offer a 3-year bachelor or a BTS / DUT in order to acquire a strong digital culture and the necessary technical dimension in order to integrate the professional environment. The subjects studied range from digital design, data analytics, fundamentals of digital marketing , or any other type of tool to be used daily etc.

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