In a post-pandemic context, the digital transformation of your business must be your priority to adapt to the future. Digital transformation is the Maldives Email List of societal change linked to the introduction of digital technology in all areas of activity . How to miss? It is essential in the development of his business.

But the competitive requirement imposes not only to understand it, and to make the best profit from it, but also to stand out thanks to your expertise to succeed. If you have not yet taken the bandwagon of transformation, nothing is lost. Fortunately, many training offersabound on the web responding to the growing need of customers to live the best possible experience online .

Strategies To Be Implemented In Your Digital Transformation

In this article we will see in particular some online digital training courses with for example: The technical basics of the web for non-technicians, and office automation basics … Master digital marketing, social networks, management tools Advanced training: perfecting digital marketing, becoming a project manager, customer experience, e-commerce, business development profiles … Technical web training: developers and Data Analyst Summary :

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Facebook Attribution conversions – ORIXA MEDIA Comparison : If you use Google Analytics, you cannot track conversions based on impressions, which significantly impoverishes your reporting. # 2. Facebook is able to track users from device to device Facebook provides the ability to track cross-device conversions and performance results, as well as app event conversions and offline conversions through the Facebook pixel. It is also possible to measure view-based conversions as well as ads through personalized audiences… and more!

Who Says Digital Transformation Says Economic Performance

According to a study carried out in 2020 by ASCEL, SMEs are champions in all categories of digital transformation: 93% of them have easily passed this milestone . Digital would also represent a third of their growth. On the other hand, all the other entities, ie 95% of the companies that make up the VSEs, are still lagging behind. According to an OpinionWay survey carried out for CPME and Sage, less than ⅓ VSEs have yet started it. These results can be explained by internal difficulties, such as fear of change, mismanagement of its resources and the lack of financial support.

Companies have every interest in focusing on a few areas of expertise to achieve a successful digital transformation, in order of importance: Human resources The digital marketing professions to set up an effective digital strategy: from the website, to the way of communicating and / or managing an e-commerce site. New professions, ie those related to Data, AI (artificial intelligence) , which require more specific skills.



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