Regarding the fact of working in music , there are the 2 schools. On the one hand, those who cannot imagine for a single second working without Gibraltar Email List background, in total silence; and on the other, those who categorically refuse to be distracted by music. In both cases, the goal is the same: to be efficient and productive . Is an in-between then possible you ask me then? I will be tempted to answer you with a broad and frank yes!

Because sometimes you need stimulation to tackle tasks that are not always very sexy (yes, I know you have them too;) and that it’s always fun to throw your favorite song to attack on a Monday morning ( what don’t we like it that morning, all the cafes in the world can’t help it).

Beyond its energizing nature , music also develops the faculty of concentration and memory ( source : Article “Can we study with music?” ). And don’t we say that (classical) music has the power to soften manners? Let’s take a closer look, and don’t forget to turn up the volume (a little)!

To Motivate Yourself!

The one who has never found himself, at the stroke of 1:30 p.m., after having devoured a good and generous curry, close to falling asleep, raises his hand 😉 How tedious it is to get back to work after the break -breakfast. One of the solutions (tested, proven, approved) is to put on your headphones! This is proved, put music (most preferred) encourages us to escape , we aerate the mind , and above all, we give a boost !

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Music strongly invites us to take action because when boredom, discouragement, and fatigue take hold of us, music then becomes stimulating . We empty our heads whistling our favorite song at the top of our lungs. Because, in addition to its liberating , enticing and stimulating power , music also allows you to be in a good mood (magic!). Hang in there, it can even make you euphoric .

Another advantage and not the least, the music has the capacity to distract us : it would even seem that for the followers of sport in music, that it would increase our performances by 15%! (all the same).

To Boost Your Creativity!

For creativity, it is better to put positive tunes in your headphones , like positive thinking. Example: “I am in great shape now, ready to make the most beautiful video edit!”. It is important not to listen to the sound at maximum volume , as you risk destroying the positive and creative effects of the music. Quite simply because it is then difficult for you to think and your brain is receiving too much information at the same time.

So prefer the moderate volume , especially if you are listening without your headphones … colleagues will thank you. And there are people who prefer to create in total silence , precisely to concentrate better. Paradox? We note that continuous listening risks reducing its benefits: the positive effect fades over time.
Music, for example, will appeal to our emotions , touch our sensitivity . It can come to awaken distant memories, generally pleasant and thus, like a powerful catalyst , reviving your memory, it allows you to see emerging new ideas .

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