A little Colombia Phone Numbers List therefore, “What moves me” = what makes me love this job, which makes me get up early in the morning and sometimes go to bed late at night, and which, incidentally, can be appreciated by our clients. Meet and discover the Other Travel educates young people, consulting allows just as many varied, exciting and even improbable encounters. Just like military service in its day, the missions of a consultant are a unique melting pot between personalities and backgrounds that would naturally have little vocation to intersect. In particular when, within the same company, one can in the same day pass from the

counter clerk to the CEO, by going through all the layers and all the trades of the organization. In Paris, in the regions, abroad. From the smallest start-up to the most sprawling of organizations. From the most innovative profession (AI, blockchain, etc.) to the most traditional (haute couture, industrial foundry, etc.) Lift the hood and watch “How it works” (or not) There, it’s the engineer who takes over: show me a beautiful car (a 2CV if you have a refined taste, or a Ferrari if you are more mainstream), my first reflex before trying to prick you keys will be to open the hood with you and try to figure out how it works in it.

Meet And Discover The Other

The same when it comes to a new job. And what a pleasure, in the course of a consultant’s life, to open the hood of a bank, a yoghurt factory, a hospital or a DataLake one after the other. Without being an expert in each particular engine, but with mechanic’s reflexes acquired on other machines, and the client by my side to show me “where it makes a weird noise”, how “it worked well until the day it did. no longer worked ”. Propose simple solutions to complex / abstract / badly posed problems (cross out the unnecessary mention) My dear father (hello Papa, how are you?) Has often repeated to me:


“To a given problem, it generally has 3 types of solutions: the good, the bad and the funny. Now that you have rowed well on the first 2, look for the fun one » Without going so far in the caricature (I do not see for example the “Funny” solution to the problem of the 1944 landings in Normandy), there is a real pleasure, even a real pleasure in finding a simple, elegant, original solution. , to a complex problem. New IT tools in SaaS, new ways of working with Big Data offer plenty of opportunities to find this kind of solutions, provided

Lift The Hood And Watch “How It Works”

that we keep in mind the KISS leitmotif: Keep It Simple and Stupid. I will be happy to illustrate the point on a client case during an upcoming blog chat. See the collective intelligence emerge from an anonymous mass Quote again, a classic, Brassens: “The plural is not worth anything to man and as soon as we are more than four we are a bunch of idiots. ” What is unfortunately a fairly verifiable (and verified) general rule in our daily lives, can suffer the exception in rare moments of grace, offered to the consultant who will know how to capture them, or even give birth to them: collective intelligence, or capacity of several different brains, not

always wired in the same direction or with the same convictions, to give birth to more than the simple addition of talents, new and particularly smart solutions. The hyper-scalability of human intelligence, the ability to go much further than the simple addition of talents. Here are a few ideas spontaneously thrown (I was late, once again, to complete this article), which means that I love and never tire of this job. But the most important you will tell me is not how I see it, but what our customers think of it. What I take away from what our customers say they appreciate about us:

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