“With digital, we can always measure”. This is (partly) true. But the risk of that is above all to measure anything and everything. So you have to know what to Panama Email List and especially for what purpose! When you are a marketing manager or director, you have to justify your actions to your management . Usually. 😉 In this case, which indicator (or KPI) to watch first? Download our white paper to choose your ideal digital partner

We offer you a quick overview of 4 essential data to measure the health of a marketing department. Of course, if you have any doubts about what an indicator is or especially what a “good” indicator is, I invite you to read our article which explains in detail how to choose them. Subtlety , contextualization and relevance : the key words of the content strategy to be undertaken. It is therefore advisable to be clever if you want to use humor and emotion in your speeches.


The Number Of Visitors

You surely use several communication channels to make yourself known: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram , emails, advertising, etc. All these spaces tend to redirect Internet users to your website. It is indeed the most complete place to understand who you are and what you offer. Very well. So an interesting indicator to know your ability to attract people is the traffic of your website .

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It is important to identify the KPIs (Key performance indicators) that will illustrate our objectives. In my example above our KPIs will be: The number of conversions and the percentage of conversion. As an individual, what is the use of digital coaching for me ? When we talk about digital coaching, it is digital education. It’s simple, a marketing training digital offers you whatever your level: an upgrade, new resources, global learning, increased productivity or a quick way to gain new technical skills …

The Name Of Prospects

Once visitors are attracted to your site, it is in your interest to transform them into clients or potential clients (depending on your activity). For this, you can create different places on the site so that they leave their information in one way or another (form to download a white paper or contact, subscription to a newsletter …). We talk about it in more detail in an article on this subject .

The number of prospects makes it possible to check whether the traffic is of high quality and therefore whether Internet users want to go further. How to measure it? This step is mainly linked to the tool you use to create the forms : Worpress plugin (contact form 7 for example), emailing tool (Mailchimp, Mailjet …) or more complete Inbound marketing tool ( Hubspot ) .

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