1966: Passage of a law on free access to the United States (Freedom of Information Act) to meet the transparency requirements demanded by the Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List in the context of the Vietnam War. 1999: Dick Morris publishes Vote.com. This former advisor to Bill Clinton predicted that the Internet would change the way people practice politics .

2009: “Open Government Initiative”, one of the major projects of the administration of President Barack Obama. This “initiative” aims to create an unprecedented level of transparency and openness in government. This initiative commits the government and its agencies to working with citizens .

The Emergence Of An Approach

From social revolution to political revolution. In 1968, our parents shared a Utopia dream of sharing power and governance. At the time, new communication technologies did not yet exist, today do they have the potential to change the situation? No need to have done the ENA to perceive a rather flagrant loss of confidence of the citizens towards the politicians and the media.

Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List

How can we make decisions taken by complex entities understandable? How can we be accountable to us citizens, who elect those who are at the head of a parliament or a government, supposed to be tools of the people? No one can ignore or denigrate the impact of new technologies in the aftermath of the Arab Revolution, or that of the indignant movement considerably amplified and reinforced by the Internet .

We Spoke At The Time Of Computer Aided Revolution .

With the presidential elections, we were able to observe committed speeches, sometimes activists on social networks. When 80% of French people travel to vote, we can’t help but think that a new form of politics is possible. In any case and it is undeniable the citizen influence, and this one MUST participate in the decision making of the government and the parliament.

We are witnessing a new way of doing politics, but also a new way of listening to political and check what they tell us with the “fact-checking” . However, as DémocratieOuverte.org mentions : “ This presupposes that citizens use their new power, not only to express their indignation towards their elites, but also to participate in the construction of new solutions in collaboration with those who carry them. ”


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