As today everything goes Pakistan Phone Number List networks, they must be efficient. So do not hesitate to invest in very high speed , with two traps to avoid: the additional costs of “special business offers” from operators linked to services that we do not really need and overly complex security protocols. companies which slow down performance, which is nevertheless good at entry (in modern IT, security should not be carried by the network and equipment, but by securing applications). Then the response times of the applications must be less than 500 ms for most transactions (so that the human eye does not perceive any hitch in the fluidity of

its navigation). Downtime must be reduced to a minimum: the large cloud infrastructure providers commit to availability rates well above 99%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for ridiculous costs. We can already rely on their offers to secure part of the system. The anomalies should be few in number, and if there are any, resolved very quickly. When a user has a problem or question, support should respond quickly and efficiently. The information system must be secure All access to the information system must pass through authentication (if possible unique) via a secure protocol. You should only be able to access authorized

Basically, It Must Already Work

functions. The confidentiality of data must be ensured. Any action on the system should be traced . The integrity of the data must be ensured. Data should be backed up away from the operational data center to minimize the risk of loss. In the event of a crisis, a business continuity plan must be provided for, as well as a system for restoring systems. It must bring real added value to the various businesses of the company A modern system strengthens the capacity for collaboration and information sharing between teams. It automates tasks as much as possible and limits human actions without added value. It makes it possible to


make the best use of an ever-increasing profusion of data. All information is consolidated, indexed, and can be quickly accessed by search engines , which limits complex tree structures. It meets the ever greater demand for real time (because business processes demand it more and more, and because it is complex and expensive to maintain nightly batches to synchronize systems). It also meets the requirements of mobility , teleworking , interconnection with the ecosystem, and is therefore accessible anywhere, anytime, from any terminal , and in complete safety. High-performance computing is also scalable The system is sufficiently modular and the organizational set-up sufficiently agile that new and value-added functionalities

The Information System Must Be Secure

can often be delivered without excessive need for large-scale synchronization. It makes it possible to regularly experiment in production with improvements to the company ‘s production system, and to learn from these developments to influence the roadmap for building software. And all this for not expensive! High-performance IT must be based on the possibilities offered by new architectures: easy to use and administer (all systems are configured and updated automatically or by simple connection), with little development and a lot of reuse of components in bookstores, and benefiting from lower costs on equipment and infrastructure and on the cloud. The ratios vary greatly from industry to industry and from context to

context, but the IT budget should generally not be more than 2-4% of revenue. See the article on IT budgets.the product. The experience I get from it is also the development around the vocal . I created an association Le Voice Lab bringing together around thirty companies and laboratories working in the field of voice in France to create an ecosystem. In the next 5 to 10 years, voice technologies will continue to evolve. What advice do you give to those who want to get started in entrepreneurship? One of the first tips is to surround yourself , there are many solutions and incubators: Entrepreneurial Network, Dojo, Station F, The

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