A client refers to the loyalty that the consumer has with the brand, service or product that a certain company puts on the market and that they have specific clients who resort to them in a regular way. keep going. That is why today we tell you about 6 keys to retain your customers 1-. Identify the types of clients: Identify the different types of clients that make up your business portfolio and establish personalized plans for each group and better interact with them. 2-.Think in the long term: Plan the relationship with the client based on the entire time that they will remain doing business with the company. Listen to the voice of the clients: It is very important to listen to the complaints or claims of the clients, since many may have the same problem and simply instead of complaining they can stop buying from us and go to the competition.

Establish proactive communication: Communicate with customers before they arrive at your company. Either through social networks or platforms that allow interaction with them. 5-. It proposes a continuous flow of value: Knowing the Sweden Phone Number client allows us to know their needs. Any instance should be used to provide added value in the form of tools for our business or personal details such as your hobbies or preferences. 6-. Design a customer-only newsletter: Creating customer-only email newsletters with information, discounts, or events can be a great way to use email marketing to build customer loyalty. Defines which metric matters.

Within the World of Marketing

Before you start analyzing any number of your digital presence, decide what you need to measure and how you are going to do it . There are important questions to ask for this, for example: What are you expecting to happen with your strategy? There are several answers: more shares, more clicks, more traffic, more registrations, etc. Then there can be multiple measurement scenarios, such as: engagement vs reach, retweets vs clicks. etc. Analyze your content strategy. The hackneyed, content is the key whatever your strategy .

With Digital Analytics, find the content that generates the best response, so you can do more of that type. A good practice can be to create a table of the content you publish and measure the performance of each one. Thus, identify which ones exactly produce, for example, the best reach, or the greatest number of clicks. Measure the performance of your posts. There is immense value in building and maintaining an online community . Just as important is to look at what is the most popular content, which converts better to try to replicate it and attract more members. Through Digital Analytics, we can measure how aware and engaged (awareness and engagement) your community members are and where that traffic comes from, which can give you clues to redirect your strategy or boost it further. Measure the effectiveness of marketing. Many have a digital presence for something clear: to sell more.

Loyalty from the Perspective

Although social media is not for this, many companies and people deploy their efforts. These channels and do not measure whether the campaigns. Especially paid ones– that they are launching are really generating what their initial objective proposes. Because… there is a goal, right? Check your website traffic. If people can’t find your website, what’s the point of having it? Make sure your site is receiving constant and growing traffic. If not, find out why. We’ve said it, if they don’t find you on Google, you don’t exist. How to measure what happens on your website? Well, Google Analytics is the tool par excellence for this. The world of digital analytics is also exciting and immense, and every day more relevant. Know that what we are doing in our channels is the right thing for the business/project. How well are you doing on this test?

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