We finally have Spider-Man back on the big screen. We missed it a lot and it may be one of the movies with the most surprises in recent years. Now the card of the multiverse is played and from. What we have seen in the trailer, enemies from previous sagas reappear. What do podcasters think about the first images? The best of ‘Spider-Man No Way Home. And it is that with this new film they introduce us to the multiverse where everything is possible. This has also given much to talk about and some podcasters predict that the future of Marvel goes through this multiverse.

Will it be true? And as if that were not enough, this film has also reopened the eternal dilemma: Who is the best Spiderman we have seen in the movies? Do you want more? If you have been wanting to know more about the future and the past of Cayman Islands Phone Numbers Spiderman, click on the following link and discover all the audios related to this topic.We are happy to announce that a new podcast widget is now available , with which you can share a playlist with the new audios of your program on your website or blog. We have renewed its design and it also has new improvements! We’ve worked to improve the listener experience, and similar to the new audio embed. We now allow you to go back 10s or forward 30s in audio playback, as well as modify the speed of the audio.

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From the new creators area you will find several proposals with the most vibrant colors of your podcast. What if they don’t convince me? No problem! You will be able to modify its color so that it adapts and combines as best as possible with your website and with your needs as a podcaster. You will now be able to modify the color of the podcast widget. How will sharing my podcast playback widget help me? Incorporating your podcast playback widget on your website or blog has many advantages, among which we highlight: Increase your listeners : The more you share your content on external channels, the more possibilities you have to grow in audience.

Sharing your podcast on your website or blog is a great way to get discovered by new followers! Improve your SEO positioning : By using the widget you will get users to stay longer on your website. In this way you will improve your web positioning, since search engines value it positively and your content will be shown more. Make your content stand out : Embed the widget on your website or blog to complement your episodes. In this way you will add added value to your audience. Generate listens outside of podcast apps : The plays you get through the player are counted in our IAB stats .

It Is a Spanish Film That Has Anyone

With this you will get more traffic and improve the organic positioning of your podcast in iVoox, since it is one of the variables that we take into account in our algorithm. The cinema is also heard, and on these special dates we collect 5 films to enjoy at Christmas . To make the experience complete, we have compiled the best analyzes and reviews of these works in podcast format. Listen to them and discover all their details and secrets! 5 movies to watch at Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) We start with a classic, where Jack Skellington, the lord of Halloween, wants to live Christmas and transform it in a somewhat peculiar way. Tim Burton is in charge of immersing us in this magical universe, considered a masterpiece of animation, and which has a memorable soundtrack.

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