The question of the importance of website search quality is not trivial because when it comes to the customer experience so often discussed in our columns, marketers seem to be well aware of the connection Martinique Email List the two. Website search, i.e. looking for information or a product on the website the user is on (and not on a search engine like Bing, Duckduckgo or Google), is a subject that is ultimately not much discussed in the world of marketing and even digital marketing. And that’s a shame, as demonstrated by a study we conducted on behalf of our client Yext [#transparence] in the UK and France and has proven the importance of this feature.

Transparency – informal networksTransparency: although this work is done for our client Yext, we conducted this study and this mission with our usual objectives of independence and authenticity. And the French? What presence on TikTok? “France is an important market” inist Amélie, “and we cannot exclude the French market from the strategic priorities of the application”. The French consume TikTok a lot, at the same level as other social platforms like Snapchat, for example, which has a very important place among 16/25 people, underlines Amélie.

Website Research & Customer Experience

Website search has a huge impact on the customer experience, and not just that. It directly influences the turnover of e-merchants. Earlier this year 2021, Yext and YouGov conducted a study on the impact of website search on theclient experience Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience … as perceived by consumers in the UK and France.

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Visionary Marketing then carried out, in August and September 2021, a mirror survey of 300 senior marketers from these two countries, based on a list of questions similar to the one conducted by YouGov. This allowed us to compare the opinion of consumers and that of marketers on the same subject.

Here Are The Main Conclusions Of This Study :

Over 70% of respondents are convinced that Internet research is quite or very strategic  ; Over 63% of respondents believe visitors use the “on-site search” feature of their company’s website (s) to find information   ; Over 45% of respondents believe that their visitors are somewhat or very frequently dissatisfied with the results offered by “on-site search” on their branded sites. In comparison, according to the YouGov study from early 2021, 62% of consumers say they feel rather or very frustrated by the search results on site;

Over 94% of respondents believe their visitors use other means when the quality of the search results they get from their website’s search function is rated as poor or unsatisfactory;
Additionally, over 79% of respondents believe that a better search experience will improve visitors’ confidence in their business; And over 70% of respondents believe that a better search experience will have a positive impact on a visitor’s propensity to buy from their business   ;


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