As the holidays are over, Visionary Marketing is preparing a webinar with PushEngage on the future ofcontent marketing In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and … . The Jordan Phone Number List is therefore chosen to consult a post written recently , which takes up the research carried out by Siècle Digital and SEMRUSH on this subject. This webinar will be held online with Livestorm on August 28, 2020 at 3:30 PM CEST .

The ROI then observed for web marketinghas little to do with what one might observe for traditional communication activities, and it is sometimes more like an investment than an expense.
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A Webinar On The Future Of Post-crisis Content Marketing

Visionary Marketing was founded seven years ago, and the website
The B2B website is the digital showcase for your business. This is the easiest and most efficient way … eponymous original was created 25 years ago to the day. Despite this, calling ourselves “pioneers” would no doubt be excessive. Indeed, John Deere founded The Furrow (le sillon in French) towards the end of the 19th century, and Michelin launched its famous guide a little before 1900.


These two initiatives are still relevant today. These two examples tell you a lot about the meaning of resilience in the content world. However, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges since the advent of content marketing, especially in the past 6 years, which have seen the content marketing landscape dramatically accelerate.

Webinar: What Future For Content Marketing?

The furrow John Deere – Content Marketing WebinarAI is booming, and Microsoft just laid off its content marketing team to replace them with bots. Poor quality SEO content is everywhere and the content shock described by Mark Schaefer in 2014 has never been so strong.

What can we expect from the future in content marketing ? Is ths the end of content marketing or content marketing as we know it? Does inbound marketing always live up to its promises, or should we be focusing on other things? What does the term “quality” mean in content? Should we write for Google or for humans?
Should companies continue their content marketing efforts or should they bring in the experts?
In this webinar, Yann Gourvennec, content marketing veteran and creator of, will focus on what the web was and what it has become, ask listeners to take a step back, examine the different areas of content marketing and to suggest a path for the future of content.

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