The most important thing these weeks is to be connected with current events. We must be attentive to all the messages from the institutions in order to effectively combat the pandemic. To be informed and connected with current events. Cadena SER ‘s Coronavirus Report podcast is essential. coronavirus report Chronicles of a virus Learn about all the social. And health consequences that the Coronavirus causes in our society with Chronicles of a Virus.

However, journalists from El País explain how the state of alarm is affecting the Ibex 35, the world of entertainment or how the health workers are dealing with the situation. Chronicles of a virus calm mind In these days of confinement, it is good for all Latvia Phone Number of us to relax a little and leave our minds blank. For this, the Mental Calm podcast is the best solution: it reduces anxiety and stress thanks to the advice and exercises that Alba Ferreté proposes. How to live calmly meditate podcast Meditating is synonymous with being well with oneself, while eliminating anxiety and stress.

The Essential Podcasts to Pass

However, this podcast you will be able to reduce mental fatigue and the stress caused by quarantine. If you had considered looking for a method to escape, this podcast is ideal for you! Meditate Podcast My GYM at home Staying at home is not a problem to continue exercising. With the Mi GYM at home podcast you can burn calories these days of quarantine. If you are one of those who have always wanted to play sports but never found the ideal moment in their busy daily routine. Now you have no excuses, listen to My GYM at home! My GYM at home eating with maria. Eating well is the key to maintaining your physical and mental health at 100%. With the nutrition advice that María Merino will give you, you will be able to keep your figure and your head clear while confinement lasts.

However, well and feel good! eating with maria nobody knows anything Have a fun time with the stories, jokes and anecdotes of two of the best comedians in the country. However, Berto Romero and Andreu Buenafuente make your quarantine a little more enjoyable with their podcast Nobody Knows Anything. As the saying goes: To bad weather, good face! nobody knows anything The orbit of Endor Are you interested in video games? the manga? Comics and movies? If the answer is yes, let the podcast The Orbit of Endor bring you up to date on future video games, explain curiosities about great movies or simply advise you on which film you should see yes or yes these days. The orbit of Endor tales and stories Have a good time with storytelling and classic tales. You will be able to find stories of all genres: mystery, science fiction, horror, fantastic, police, customs…

Our Will Find Advice from Professionals

However, to Tales and Stories to immerse yourself in great stories that leave you indifferent. tales and stories horror and nothing more. However, your house into the stage where the darkest stories take place. Murders, mysterious creatures. However, legends, and much more! Turn off the light and let us give you goosebumps. However, and nothing more coronavirus list Learn all the details and curiosities of the Coronavirus with this list of podcasts dedicated to Covid-19. You will find advice from professionals, explanations about the virus, practical information to avoid contagion, policies developed by other countries and… much more! Coronavirus You can listen to all of these podcasts on or on the iVoox app, which you can install.

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