Yes friends. It seems incredible but Christmas is almost around the corner. For many it is one of the best times of the year. But we must not forget that it takes up a lot of time to go shopping for gifts, organize dinners, etc. To make these days more bearable until the most awaited date, Christmas, we want to offer you a reinvented classic. Podcast advent calendar Surely at some point in your childhood you have had an advent calendar. You know, that calendar that counts down to Christmas and every day you have to open. Where a piece of chocolates with some Christmas shape awaits you. We don’t have the resources to send you chocolate to your house every day, but we can make you enjoy the best content from all iVoox podcasters.

We present to you « The Podcast Advent Calendar «! A podcast for each day of the month Every day in December we suggest you click on the box for the corresponding day and discover a podcast, an audio or a list of audios on a specific topic. Do you Hungary Phone Number cheer up? Listening to a podcast can also be very Christmassy.a personal podcast by Andreu Buenafuente in which the popular comedian narrates his day-to-day, learning about the 24 hours of the comedian, producer and TV presenter; at home, with his family, with the people closest to him or in his most public facet. Buenafuente defines ‘Todo Pasa’ as the freest and most personal thing he has ever done.

15 and 60 Minutes Are Good Time

“It’s an audio diary, it’s a heartfelt moody podcast, an authentic notebook: it’s distilled radio.” An iVoox Original Podcast The program is part of iVoox Originals , the largest catalog of exclusive and free podcasts in Spanish, a commitment by the platform to encourage the creation of new content and continue to bring the podcast closer to the general public. At iVoox we have been in the industry for more than 10 years working for the professionalization of podcasting in Spanish. Now, as part of Podcast Taxonomy, we will be able to give a voice to professionals from Spain, the United States and Latin America”, affirms Emilio Moreno.

“I am grateful for the industry’s enthusiasm and willingness to support. The podcast taxonomy movement and couldn’t be happier with our inaugural board members. Said Podcast Taxonomy Co-Founder and Podchaser COO Cole Raven. . “Our board of members illustrates what we hope to see in the podcast industry of the future: diverse thinking. Professional status and professional backgrounds, and includes people from historically underrepresented communities. Adds Podcast Taxonomy co-founder and VP of Business Development. And Strategic Alliances by Staff Me Up. The PTCB will meet quarterly to discuss priorities and initiatives, with the first scheduled for this summer.

You Decide, but Between

This initiative is expected to give a significant boost to podcasting. Create the content you would like to hear Once we know what the podcast is going to be about, we have to get down to work. For the first episode and for all those that will come after, it is important to establish a script. Make sure your podcast provides value, is informative or entertaining for the listener. Investigate, see what the other podcasts do at a Spanish and international level and you will be able to innovate. Choose a topic that you are passionate about . Talk about something that interests you, that will keep your enthusiasm high and will surely engage your audience. Podcasts on general topics like pop culture or comedy are a good option, but keep in mind that they have more competition.

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