We have reviewed the essence and importance of having a positive user experience. And regarding the old Buyer Persona Generator page, here are the top three takeaways based on my research and perception:

If you go to the part of the first page where I showed the full experience, you will see that there was not much related to the Buyer Persona theme in terms of design. Similarly, It was two people looking at a laptop, some icons around it and… yeah, that was it.

Above all, And with each click, the character displayed on the smartphone screen changes. Similarly, This allusion brings the idea that with a single click, the user can build several buyer personas that fit their business segment.

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When we create something really good, it’s normal. To Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List want to add as much value. In addition, To it as possible. Similarly, but before you hit the “publish” button, stop for. In addition, A second and think: am I delivering a simple, frictionless journey here?

On the main screen of the previous version of the buyer. Persona generator, the visitor could be quite overwhelmed by. Two different offers: the experience of the buyer persona generator and an ebook.

Marketing-wise, each offer led to different funnel paths.

With Such Different Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Routes that are shown on the same screen, the projected day to meet the buyer person is corrupted and the user can:

get lost in the experience and/or;
lose the value of such a powerful resource.
If you want to add complementary resources to enrich the experience of your users, great! No problem with that. In addition, Just make sure that those resources don’t compete with each other or distract the user from their main objective.

Now, the Buyer Persona Generator home page is completely dedicated to him. But if you think that there is no complementary material throughout the day, you are wrong!

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