The event was organized by the Mutiny but also with the FIDH , the Limite agency , Reporters Without Borders , Telecomix and Silicon Maniacs . As a Canadian Email List , Doctor Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS for close friends) launched the free software movement in 1983 and began development of the GNU operating system in 1984.

Mobile sector: Your mobile phone is the GPS of your behavior, it tracks all your movements! Thanks to geolocation, they know where you are and who you are with! Where you eat, where you buy, where you travel … It detects your moods and your state of mind with your SMS, Chat, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. messages. Your areas of interest with your mobile applications and your photo sharing, links. Your phone is your best friend until a loophole makes it your worst enemy!

The Theme Of The Conference Was “free Software And Human Rights. “

Then came the time for the presentation of Antoine Bernard , author of numerous books and Director General of FIDH : the worldwide movement for Human Rights .He therefore addressed cases of injustice in countries such as Belarus where an activist was locked up for a digital conversation on freedom, or in Colombia where an anti-terrorism measure is put in place, intercepting all e-mails…

Canadian Email List

He therefore operates on world-class missions to defend human rights and denounce the schemes of states to prevent freedoms without the knowledge of citizens. Lucie Morillon is the Head of the Internet and Freedoms Office of Reporters Without Borders in Paris . The stakes of surveillance during the Arab Spring are proof of repressive governments, which do not allow freedom of expression to its citizens. For 10 years, RSF has been interested in digital issues and the consequences of new communication systems.

The Stakes Of # Jhack… But, What Is It?

The #jhack is an event that promotes digital transparency. It is made up of workshops, conferences, meetings between journalists, activists and hackers … This was the second edition, and the first took place on February 25, 2012 at La Cantine Then, Richard Stallman directly started the conference on an issue corresponding to the theme of the conference:

“What is the relationship between free software and human rights? ” The interesting reflection of R. Stallman was to declare that free software access should be part of human rights and would establish 4 freedoms:
Freedom 0 : to run the software. Freedom 1 : to exploit the source code. – > These two freedoms only allow individual control and are therefore not sufficient for total freedom over a software… there are therefore 2 additional freedoms:
Freedom 2 : to help others by redistributing the software freely
Freedom 3 : to distribute while being able to copy and modify the software

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