The new creator zone with a completely new design , usability improvements and new features, such as advanced statistics. All this with one goal: to help you manage your podcast more easily! I want to try it! Dashboard with your key metrics One of the main novelties is that when you enter you will see a control panel with the key metrics of your program (or programs), if you have more than one. With this tool you will know the main KPI’s of your podcast, which will allow you to obtain a quick overview of its evolution. By clicking on each of the blocks you will access the complete detail of the data , shown from the Statistics section.

Analyze the information received and improve your strategy! From the summary screen you will be able to consult and compare your weekly evolution in the general ranking and by theme, as well as the listeners achieved in the last 30 days, with previous periods. You will also be able to see your accumulated income to collect. From the Guatemala Phone Numbers dashboard you can check the key metrics of your podcast. With the date filter you will be able to see the data of the listeners, interactions and registrations and cancellations of fans that your podcast has had in the last 7, 14 or 30 days. At first glance you will see if the results have been better or worse than those of the same previous period . Likewise, from the listening block per day you will be able to know.

From the Dashboard You Can Check

From the dashboard you will be able to know your day with the most listeners, and the dates on which you published. With the new dashboard, interacting with your audience is easier. From your community block you will have direct access to the latest comments received, and if you have active subscriptions for fans you can contact your patrons directly , from the “Latest support” section. New statistics to get to know your audience better We implemented new graphs with which you will be able to know more about how listeners listen to you. If you have a Growth or Rocket publication plan, you will be able to know which are the most listened sections of your published audios as of 08/01, as well as their average listening time . To do this, you just have to access the Statistics section and click on one of these episodes.

You will be able to filter by pre-established or personalized date ranges, and see, from your selection, the number of listeners, comments or likes or that your content has had in the marked period of time. From statistics you can filter the results by weeks, months or days. These selections apply to both podcast and audio, and will also let you know the countries and devices you’re being heard from. You will be able to know from which countries and devices your audience listens to you. By clicking on their respective columns, from the audio table you can sort them by publication date or listeners. At the podcast level, and unlike the old creators’ area, you will now be able to know the programs that you have above and below your ranking by category.

The Launch of the New Ivoox

Now you will be able to know the podcasts that you have above and below in the ranking by category. Respond to your comments from the creators area Now you can respond to all comments made about your content from your private area. We want to help you connect with your community of followers, and to do that, it was necessary to simplify the management of your tasks as a creator. Less is more, and now you can manage your podcast community and comment management from the same section : the new Community . From the Publications tab you will be able to post in your community, and you will also find all your previous entries with their respective answers. On the other hand, from Comments all the answers given about your content are shown.

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