Have you built a loyal audience around your products? Have your social media accounts started gaining followers steadily? Do you frequently share interesting content on your blog? It may be time to start a video marketing strategy. Videos add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaign. Done properly, you can use video to add depth to the stories that accompany your products, tell how your company has grown into what it is today, or explain how your product might be used in a variety of ways throughout your business. a different medium.

According to Multi Vision Digital , a well-known video production house, there is a probability that 64% of customers will make a purchase after seeing a product video. When your product is unique and original, or you want to make sure that Mexico Phone Number people really get the most out of using it, it’s time you thought about grabbing a camera. Before talking more in depth about the subject, and more specific issues of marketing with YouTube , it is important to understand that you do not need to go viral to see results. You are telling a story about yourself or your product, and not to go viral or gain personal fame. Focus on building engagement, not just getting a high number of views.

Improve the Sales of Your Virtual Store

In a future post, we’ll share some common traits of compelling videos produced by eCommerce companies. In the meantime, here are the YouTube strategies that get views. 1. Shoot short videos According to a recent analysis , YouTube videos under 2 minutes get close to 50% of all views. This should not be a surprise. Nobody wants to see a video that tells the whole story of how your store was founded or every detail of the origin of the product. Do not rush to say something as long as you do not go over time, but it is better to err on the side of brevity. Videos under two minutes generate the most views There is another good reason for you to decide to tell your story briefly.

YouTube recently made changes to its algorithms in favor of videos that engage viewers. Videos that are watched to the end will provide good visibility, much higher than those that are quickly abandoned. Take this as a reminder that the quality of engagement is more important than the number of views. All reasons point to videos being short and making each sale relevant. 2. Create a channel of your brand Unless you really think you’ll only have one video. We recommend making a special YouTube channel for your store. Not only does it make the videos look more professional, as being on a formal branded channel builds more trust than one with a meaningless name (like frednelson86), you’ll also have more of an active web presence.

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Having your own YouTube channel will give you another way for people to find your products. Add a banner with your image, logo, and make it professional. For best results, segment your videos so users can better find what they’re looking for. You can organize your videos in different playlists and in different series. Consider targeting them through product features, your store history, product tutorials, or something else you’d like to share. Beard brand , an online store that offers “grooming kits for bearded men” is an excellent example of a channel that ticks all the boxes to be great. Look specifically at their logo on a banner ad and various tutorials and summaries of their products.

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