define the conditions for automatic Argentina Phone Numbers List to the next step (when all the entities have processed the mail, when one of the entities…, when n entities out of N,…) and each user will have to define these parameters each time he wants a parallel circuit for the processing of a document … Workflow management can be done by nominative person, by department, by function. -> but in this case it is of course necessary that these repositories are perfectly up to date. And it is not always easy. There are still many organizations where the directory (LDAP, Active Directory, …) is up to date for people (and again – you are not immune to

some surprises) but for entities or functions it’s another lemonade. This means that you will have to ensure this update by a team of administrators dedicated to your EDM system. Think twice … Help with documentary development – document models This point is especially specific to the management of general administrative documents or letters. Very standardized documents such as now in the public sector, invoices, or study documents, reports, preliminary studies, expertise files, etc. are not very concerned by this point. For these fairly short general documents, your dematerialized management system must offer the writers / instructors added value, otherwise this population is the least concerned and will have difficulty

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using a system that brings them little value. One of the important values ​​that your system must bring is the management of efficient document models. What is an effective model? An effective document model is an up-to-date model (it seems silly, but organizations, their wording, logos, recommendations from the com. Director, etc. are changing a lot). Your models must therefore be complete (types of documents) and up to date. An efficient document template is also a template that automates the insertion of automatic data (merge fields to use the term Microsoft Word) that avoid typing data that is already stored in your system.


It would not occur to you, to make an invoice, to re-type by hand the amount which is on the order form that you previously recorded in your system, would it? The ergonomics of your solution Watch out for the “Wow!” »Demonstrations or prototyping workshops led by publishers. These methods only highlight the “look” of the application but completely hide the ergonomics because the operations are perfectly mastered by the demonstrator. Ergonomics is essential in a dematerialization project because your system is intended for everyone , daily users as well as very occasional users, senior executives, assistants, team leaders, advisers, technicians, instructors, mail office agents,…. The ergonomics must be good for all these

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categories (ideally) and it is a real challenge because all these users do not have the same criteria for appreciating ergonomics. Daily users will promote performance (response time, productivity tips, etc.). Occasional users will promote the consistency of the interface and its intuitive nature, in line with Web standards. Senior executives will promote performance, consistency and simplicity of the interface, … Be keen to evaluate these ergonomic criteria during the choice of the solution, and during your implementation project. In your project of choice, two methods should be favored: The realization of a POC with a solution or a shortlist of solutions Contact, visit references (making sure that these references use a version of the

product close to the one you are evaluating) Ergonomics – Don’t lose hope In your implementation plan, do not panic! : even if you haven’t chosen the most ergonomic solution on the market, all is not lost. Indeed: Leader solutions can be highly configurable and offer possibilities for improving ergonomics that were not initially considered. If you started with a small editor and a niche solution, it will be very inclined to listen to you and improve the ergonomics of its solution (it will not be able to change its framework overnight of course, but it will be able to nevertheless make rapid changes to its product roadmap). Knowing that a project lasts on average 6 months to 1 year, it gives it time to place some critical improvements. You ha

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