June has been a very, very (very) busy month for the agency. So much so that we won’t be able to tell you about everything. As usual, we have therefore Solomon Islands Email List a small selection of the highlights of the month and compiled them in our Vlog. A format that you still appreciate as much and that we continue to improve and refine. For the month of June, it’s Milena who sticks to the presentation. Thomas him, presents you the important news: arrival of new customers, special operation with interns and recruitments …

We tested an original operation with our trainees in June: for a week, they completely managed our networks. Brainstorming sessions, editorial meeting, scheduling of posts on the various spaces, sponsorship… They did everything with their little hands. All under the guidance of our Consultants. They also carried out an analysis of the results and considered suggestions for improvement. A good experience for them and for us. We hope you liked the result!

More New Customers …

You are now used to it: with each of our Vlogs, we announce the arrival of new customers. The tradition is respected this time again with the arrival of a fairly historic construction company and an innovative shopping center in the West. Beautiful challenges ahead.

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Katapult: we were there!
We are quite proud to have taken part in the Katapulte event . We did this on two levels: first as a partner since we produced the promotional videos for the event. Then as participants in the day of workshops organized in the Garden of Eden. It was all done with joy and good humor. Againあ り が と(thank you) to our friends at Red Samurai!

Current Projects: Recruitment And Moving!

We told you about many projects for the agency in previous Vlogs. We notably discussed our upcoming move. The project is progressing and we will tell you more very soon! As we will have additional space, we want to take advantage of it to expand the team! And that’s good, we are looking for a Consultant as well as an Assistant in Digital Marketing . Good humor, creativity and originality highly recommended!

The qualification offered by these training courses is acclaimed by many digital players, and their acquisition offers a professional level on many digital subjects, even approaching diploma courses, thanks to a certification recognized in the community ! Google digital training. Certain entities like GAFA, Google in the lead, dominate the digital world: today 90% of requests are refocused on this search engine for example. Google nevertheless uses its omnipotence for philanthropic purposes: to guarantee the rights to everyone and promote digital equality .

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