Jeanne: from the island of Ré to Reunion Our pool of interns has a new recruit. South Korea Email List , in training at Sup de Pub joined us at the beginning of the month. Originally from the Ile de Ré, she will train here in communication as well as digital marketing. Welcome to her.

It is possible to join a more specialized school that teaches digital marketing techniques . For example, some schools (School of the web, digital and audiovisual communication) offer a Digital Marketing Bachelor (registered in RNCP level 6) to be done in work-study or in the normal cycle. At the end of this cycle, the student acquires a base of varied knowledge in digital marketing: SEO / SEA social media, web design, web development, web analysis …

New Customers …

It doesn’t stop! Local businesses have understood the importance of digital channels. They are therefore always more numerous to come to see us to be accompanied by our agency . In May, 2 new clients started working with our team: an important player in sustainable development and a training center. Thank you to them for their trust.

South Korea Email List

We are strengthening our content creation studio
Effective digital communication requires strong graphic content. And that’s good because we have, within the agency, the skills necessary for the creation of images, infographics and audiovisual productions in the broad sense. With the arrival of new customers, we have reviewed our production processes in order to optimize them. The result: even more impactful visuals produced more efficiently. TEASER : we will also take advantage of these new production processes to offer you a new format. As of next month, we will be launching our Podcast.

We Are Strengthening Our Content Creation Studio

Some ideas of supports for remote training in digital marketing in 2021: Online training (some require a defined amount of time to spend hours, others do not) The training organizations, less than 10km from home, with short courses of several months and up to a year to become professional. Accelerated training cycles offered by a professional speaker, to target a particular aspect (they last 2 days).

Training intensive 5 days given by a professional. Online courses: e-learning or MOOC Tutorial videos thanks to Youtube, free webinars dealing with a particular topic, etc … Free professional training in digital If funding is rather essential when choosing to take a digital marketing training, in fact, no need to think big (or even very big), many are funded by public bodies , so you will have nothing to pay, for your greatest happiness! Today, many training courses can be financed thanks to a training aid organization: the CPF (Professional Training Account), it is aimed at entrepreneurs. Your working hours are transformed into “DIF” Right to training credits , which translate into a balance in € to be spent on training hours. We invest our past productivity for a transformed future! A “My Training Account” mobile application even allows you to see more clearly and search for the program of your choice.

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