Seventh Vlog for the agency. Between the continuation of our support by Avéliance, the structuring of our Sales / Marketing department and the continuous improvement of our processes, everything is Spain Email List quickly and we are starting to have a lot of information to give you. So we had to sort to keep only the most interesting information. Let’s go ! # 4. Facebook Attribution allows you to measure your performance across all selected devices, publishers and channels

This gives you easy access to the monitoring of the conversion journeys that take place on the different devices and you have the possibility to visualize the performance by channel – paid or organic – and publisher in order to understand in depth what generates your conversions and where they come from. your results, positive or negative.

Arrival Of Alvin In The Video Production Team

The team has grown even further with the arrival of Alvin. Student at Digital Campus. His mission will be to contribute to the development of our video content during his 3-month internship within our team. Welcome! Our client portfolio continues to grow as we have two new partners: a startup and a real estate company. We will carry out various missions for these two structures, some will concern their graphic worlds, others their strategy. Great challenges to come!

Spain Email List

With Facebook Attribution, simply get a clearer view of your customers’ journey and make the right marketing and sales decisions to improve your digital performance. Thanks to this new measurement tool, you benefit from greater transparency and better tracking of your conversions on social media. This data-driven attribution model helps you identify which ads have the most influence on increasing your business results on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger.

Set Up An Effective Campaign On Snapchat And Increase The Number Of Conversions

Finally, Snapchat has nearly 293 million active users per day. 75% of its members are from generation Z and millennials, which makes it an excellent network to reach this target. According to data released by the platform in its year-end guide, Snapchat users spend more than any other audience during the holiday season. To better reach them, creative campaigns are required! They will be able to better capture their attention on your products. In order to help you, Snapchat also gives some good practices to follow:

Use catchy titles that refer to the holiday season and its tradition. Communicate on promotional offers or flagship sales and by conveying a feeling of urgency (limited availability, end of stocks, etc.) Expand the presentation of your products by highlighting them in your creations and using a very strong message in your ad to encourage purchase Integrate simple, clear and powerful CTAs that link well to your product pages. Optimizing sales via social networks requires a whole marketing strategy that requires good preparation throughout the year. In order to help you assert your digital presence, do not hesitate to entrust your marketing strategy to our Experts !

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