Do you want to know what happened within the agency during the month of March? We Tajikistan Email List all this to you in our 6th Vlog. Small novelty, the video includes – this is a first – an introduction provided by our Community Manager, Amandine. For the rest of the explanations, it is as always Thomas who takes care of it. We let you discover the result here.

Perhaps this is the reason for its popularity with young people? #MyParentsNySontNy. Note however that recently, the network has grown and entered the sphere of 25 years. Let’s agree, using Snapchat for 50s doesn’t make sense! What content? Now that you understand what Snapchat is for and for whom. The question is: how to use this platform to promote your brand? Indeed, since the publications are ephemeral or very short (24 hours for stories), how could its use strengthen the credibility of your brand? The answer might surprise you …


New Intern: Welcome Mallau!

Since March 5, our team has a new recruit. Mallaury Cillon, known as “Mallau”, is with us as a sales and marketing intern. Enrolled in the 3rd year at EGC Réunion, she will accompany us for 6 months. For the information sheet, she lives in the west, she is a football fan (she still believes in an Arsenal victory… LoL) and she is very dynamic.

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Finally, in January , launch new campaigns to ensure your online presence . Pinterest specifies that permanently present advertisers can obtain a conversion rate of up to 5.2 times higher than ad hoc advertisers. How do you use social networks? We are in a phase of perpetual testing, exploration, “test & learn” . We have tested small things, contests, but we are going to move up a gear. We will become very strong, this is only the beginning, we must follow each other;)

Two New Customers

Local businesses are increasingly interested in digital marketing. Aware of the potential of this type of service. More and more of them are therefore coming to see us to discuss their projects and ask us what we can do for them. We therefore have two new customers in March: Elite Tour Réunion and La Saga du Rhum. Thank you to them for trusting us. We are rather proud of it!

What are your performance indicators? How to quantify the social bond created thanks to the service? Obviously the number of users. But what also interests us is to have neighborhoods provided, with many members because there is no sharing when there are too few members in a neighborhood. We also measure the activity in the neighborhoods, the number of shared objects or services, an activity rate of sorts. In terms of site visits, we are interested in “returning users” because we really want to anchor the service in people’s daily lives.

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