1 / We are fine-tuning our strategy: focus on export
We are happy and rather proud to be one of the 10 digital companies selected to Trinidad and Tobago Email List in an export project. A project led by the DIECCTE Réunion (Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment Department) with the expertise of the Avéliance firm. We will therefore work with them to refine our strategy.

2 / Customer case studies are available on our site
It’s not always easy to understand digital marketing and its multiple aspects. This is why we have published a series of customer case studies on our website. If you want to learn more about the solutions that we can deploy, whether in terms of methodology, tools or services, do not hesitate to consult these few customer case studies .

3 / New Reporting Tool For Our Customers

We have implemented a new reporting tool in order to better measure the effectiveness of the actions that we deploy for our various clients. This new tool is at the same time more powerful, more beautiful and clearer. It allows our clients to understand, in a synthetic way, what are the key performance indicators according to the objectives.

Trinidad and Tobago Email List

So much for February. See you in March for the 6th Vlog of 2018. Until then, you can still find the previous videos. That of October is visible on this link , that of November here , that of December is accessible by clicking there and finally, that of January is stored there .

Do Not Hesitate To Consult These Few Customer Case Studies .

Mon P’ti Voisinage has been designed to meet this double challenge: Recreate social links and local sharing thanks to an easy-to-use digital tool, centered on the user. The idea of ​​the service is really to facilitate the act of sharing on a daily basis by bringing together a maximum of local actors, individuals but also businesses, services, communities, institutions etc. For example, if one of my neighbors puts his car on a car-sharing service like Koolicar or Drivy, I know it via the network and I can use this partner service.

DAOs thus lead to the emergence of new rules, new types of contracts, and why not new economic models? For example, imagine that we make our famous personal data available to brands or companies. These in exchange for tokens could then pay us or offer to participate in the design of their products or services. The user could therefore really be involved by being at the heart of the product or service.

Fabien Aufrechter goes even further by asking the question of governance, which can be regulated in a cooperative manner with this system of tokens. We left room for Robert Vinet, Christophe Ducamp, Paul Richardet, Pierre Noro, Fabrice Epelboin and Nicolas Bermond to diverge on the first part of this “postcast”.

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